March 21, 2010


Dear Nars,

I need to apologize for having talked crap about your eyeshadows and their poor pigmentation. Your duos are lovely and I'll probably buy more of them.


I guess I didn't have any luck with the Nars eyeshadows I tried in the past. I got Ashes to Ashes over a year ago and sold it because I thought it didn't show up much on me. I got the Pleasure of Paris palette last Fall and I am still usure about how to make this work for me (I actually almost sold it, then it didn't happen, which I guess is a sign I must keep it and try harder). I was about to decide that Nars was great for foundation and blushes and that I shouldn't look any further.
But I kept on reading makeup forum posts in praise of the fantastic Nars shadow, and I wanted to understand, so I decided to keep trying and I ordered a few Nars eyeshadow duos.

So far, I have tried 3 of them, and I like them all.

Here's me wearing Habanera:

Excuse the telephone pose, I was actually taking pics in a hurry before leaving the house, and the phone rang.

The picture of the product doesn't do it justice, it's a very pretty silvery cold blue and a dark purple (think Mac Signed & Sealed). It is super pigmented and the texture is very smooth, loading your brush is really easy and you don't get messy fall out everywhere.
On the other hand it's easy to over-blend, like I did with the dark purple. You might need to reapply and layer, but that's ok because the color is gorgeous in real life!

(The mascara I am wearing is one I ordered from Japan, I'll be telling you more about it in the coming days!)

I also got and tried the Kuala Lumpur duo; the picture is quite accurate on this one: it's a gorgeous golden peach and a plum infused with gold specks.
The only picture I have of me wearing it is everything but great, the natural light totally bleached me out BUT you get to see the gorgeous Nars Niagara lipstick from this Spring's collection, which is a pinky coral.

What are your favourite Nars eyeshadows? What do you think I should try next?


  1. Gorgeous! I have a few neutral duos -- Kalahari, Cordura and Star Sailor. All amazing! I love NARS duos. :-)


  2. Hiii Love the last pic you look like an angel on! Wish to see more looks with this NARS duo:p
    I do not own any NARS shadow (only a foundation Nars Sheer Mat I have not tried yet) it is a shame is not it?

  3. I tried a few NARS eye shadow duos a few years ago and ended up selling and swapping them because I found they didn't have much pigmentation either. I guess it's pretty hit and miss with them. I really do love their blushes though!


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