March 8, 2010

Foundation review #15: Bourjois Healthy Mix

I don't remember having reviewed a drugstore foundation already. Ah, who am I fooling, this isn't the reason why I got this one... Actually this foundation has been all over the web for the last few weeks, everybody has raved about it, and after having resisted for a while, I ended up getting it because it was 30% off at my local drugstore. Who can resist a 10€ foundation?

Anyway, enough rambling, onto the review. This foundation claims to boost your complexion with a healthy cocktail of fruit: apricots, melon, apples and ginger. It is supposed to give you a radiant complexion and last 16 hours on the skin - and you know how I like long lasting foundations. The shade selection is supposed to suit everyone, no matter if you're cool or warm. But for some reason, Bourjois isn't distributing the lightest one (#51) in all countries - so I had to take #52, which is a tad bit too dark for me.

The packaging is very well conceived: plastic, hence light and not easily breakable, and it comes with a pump (Nars and Bobby Brown, do you hear this??)
The product smells divinely, kind of a strawberry smell - no, there isn't strawberry in it, but you didn't really think the smell really came from the fruity ingredients, did you?
So far, so good.

The product is easy to apply and dries with a luminous finish. The coverage is very light, and I didn't find it really buildable to medium. Don't expect it to hide your little flaws, a concealer is a must. I then used a little dust of powder on my t-zone so it wouldn't be too dewy there.
I must say I was impatient to see if it would really last all day (maybe not 16 hours, but 8-10 would have been good already).

Unfortunately, we'll never know. My skin quickly started to feel tight and then to burn. That happens, sometimes, because I have an allergy to I don't know what ingredient that comes in skincare products (which is why I never try a new one on a working day, in case I'd have to remove it all).
When my eyes started to sting, I gave up and went to wash my face - after having worn the foundation for 3 hours. I must also say it didn't look that good already: my skin had become very oily around my nose, and my whole face was very shiny.

Conclusion: a big fail for me, and considering the allergic reaction, I won't give the product another chance/trial.
I would say it is a nice everyday foundation if you are looking for a drugstore product and don't need a lot of coverage.


  1. Ouch, I hope your skin recovered quickly.
    I don't think that I'll try this foundation, we don't usually get the lightest shade of drugstore foundations either and my winter skin is lighter than NW 15. It does sound good in theory, though.
    By the way, the Bobbi Brown foundation I bought recently came with a pump (Skin Foundation SPF 15, it's pretty awesome IMO).

  2. Oh that's good to know, CumcumPear, since my BB hydrating foundation does not have one. I'll probably try more foundations from her in the future (probably Skin), Warm Sand is an absolutely perfect match for me!

  3. Sorry to hear about the unpleasant reaction you had!

    I've never really felt okay about buying drugstore foundations. I'm sure there must be some good ones out there but I think of foundation as such a basic and important make-up item, and so much can go wrong with I'd rather pay a little more for a non-drugstore brand.

  4. Oh I can feel your pain with sudden allergies. I had horrible ones from .... nail varnishes ! I know , silly !!!

    Hope your skin and eyes feel better

    Caro xxx

  5. Oh god i hope your face recovered! How scary that must have been :/ xxx

  6. A similar thing happened to me; I've never had a problem with foundation before but this one made my face sting. When I removed it my skin which is usually an even colour had some pale red blotches. Would not reccomend this foundation either !


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