March 22, 2010

Mac trend: Pale and Dandy

Twice a year, Mac releases its trends for the season. They're not defined look, more general guidelines on what's in at the moment - this is the kind of material that's used at Fashion week, interpreted by the different makeup artists doing the shows.

Mac called the trend for this Spring 'Pale and Dandy'. It doesn't actually mean you have to be pale, but more that you're going for a flawless, monochromatic and dewy/glowy face. No color on the eyes or lips or even cheek: the light is what is going to give shape to the face. Even the eyelashes stay bare, while the brow can be either strongly defined or bleached (mostly bleached, from what we have seen). It's all about recreating an aristocratic look, in fact.

But is it wearable? Well, I gave it a try! The key is using cream products only to get the dewiness and light we are after. And here's the result.

How did I do that? Mac Face&Body would be the perfect foundation to achieve this but I don't own it, so I used Illamasqua cream foundation on top of Mac Strobe Cream, and concealed with Bobby Brown concealer kit.
The eyebrows aren't bleached but I brushed through them with a liquid foundation and a spoolie to make them lighter. I used Mac Paintpot in Soft Ochre on the eyes, and Cream Color Base in Pearl as a hilighter on the cheeks and under the browbones, as well as on the cupid's bow. For the lips, I don't own erase paste but used Barry M lip paint in 101 with clear gloss on top.

Would I wear this out? Well, to each their own thing, people wouldn't look at me weirdly I believe, but I did not leave the house like this because I don't think it's the most flattering look in bright daylight.
However, remember this is a trend: you don't have to follow it 100%, it's just a source of inspiration!

So... What do we keep from this trend? The luminous face, for sure! And the light brows - not bleached but light.
What do we toss? the erased lips, that aren't flattering to anyone in my opinion. Nude lashes will look better with a tiny bit of brown mascara.

And here's the result (this time, I did go out like this):

I added a bit of mascara and Mac Viva Glam Cindy lipstick on the lips (it's close to my actual lip color) and... on the apples of the cheek as a very subtle blush!

So as you see, it doesn't take much to twist the trend and make it wearable for everyday!
What do you think?


  1. I definitely prefer the second look it is way more flattering. I do not think the first one enhances any features in one's face it is too flat and uninteresting to me :)

  2. YEs I guess the first one is too much runaway carpet for me ! I'd look like a dead corpse if I try to copy it ...
    I like the Cindy on you, have you bought the Gaga one too ?


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