March 31, 2010

Review: Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On mascara

Talk about a mouthful, now that's a product name!

This is the product I decided to try right away, because my YSL Singulier is on its last leg and it was time for me to open a new mascara. This one being the most intriguing of the 2 I got, I picked it as my first victim.

Packaging: the Japanese like to go full speed in the bling bling direction with their makeup packagings. Think little jems and rhimestones all over your eyeshadow quads. This one is reasonably gold and shiny and has enough black to look elegant. The tube looks smaller than the ones we're used to have here.

Brush: that's what intrigued me with this product. Look:

It's a dual side flat brush with pointy shark teeth replacing the bristles, and they don't have the same size on each side. I had to guess how to make this work, and I think I found it right. The size with the small teeth will catch your lashes at the rooth and make them really covered in product and intense looking. But they won't allow the product to spread till the end of the lashes, for this, you have to use the bigger side of the brush.

Formula: as far as I know, this mascara (and most other Japanese mascaras) exists only in black. The formula doesn't have a scent, is very very intensely black, does leave the lashes a tiny bit less soft than I'd like but isn't flakey at all, so that's fine by me. It won't smudge and it will hold a curl. But you'll need an industrial strength makeup remover to get rid of it, I'm telling you! Yes, this is the mascara that required a dual face remover. But once you have the right remover, it disappears pretty easily. I didn't experience any irritation or problem.

Result: I realize this calls for a picture, and I don't have one I'm happy about to show you now. Let's say that this mascara gives a lot of intensity to the eyes, thanks to the very black color and the fact that it catches the roots of your lashes so well. I seriously never experienced as much intensity with another product.
But as far as volume is concerned, I am not that impressed. I find this is slightly lenghtening and volumizing but nothing exceptional. So I keep using it for the dramatic effect on the roots mostly and it's great for daytime (well, my definition of daytime, which can be a bit dramatic). But I will try to combine it with Faux-Cils and see if we have a winner combo there.

Would I repurchase? : At 19,50$ shipped, this is the price equivalent of a Maybelline or L'Oreal mascara for me. So yes, definitely, price not being an issue and the product being good, I would keep on getting the product and will probably order several back ups at once next time I order from Japan.

Did you try this particular mascara? Did you like it?


  1. No I did not but looking at the site you give us (LotusPalace) I ordered 3 new BB creams on Ebay to try (MISSHA shiny, MISSHA perfect cover and Skin79 BB perfect gold). They retail for nothing! Will make a review on my blog in a while! Have to try the one from 7herbs first

  2. That brush is somewhat scary, but I'm kind of a spaz - have visions of it getting stuck in my eyelashes and just hanging there all day... how tricky was it to get the hang of it?

    Best, Lisamarie

  3. Lisamarie and Christelle: not that hard, actually, I don't try rotating it or anything while applying, so I'm safe lol

    Une fille Lambda : oh dear! you're taking the same road with BB creams that I've taken with foundations - at least it's less expensive...;-)

  4. Hi, just thought you'd like to know that there's a purple version of this mascara being sold as well in stores. It's colour isn't very obvious on already-black lashes, but for fairer lashes the colour should show just fine. (:

  5. hehe.. i believe you are supposed to comb lashes with the wide toothed end first..
    then 2nd coat with the fine toothed comb.. I have the same product and .. right now it's on sale at watson's [much like your superdrug] 3 for SGD50, which makes it about.. 3 for GBP23?


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