April 21, 2010

The best invention since sliced bread: Helena Rubinstein Color to Mix

If you read this blog regularly, you already know I own about 12.458.789 foundations. And of course, they're all matching my ghostly fair skin.
But, as you also might know already, comes Spring and I dig up the fake tan! Which means all my babies don't match me any longer.

Possible solution: get another foundation in my Summer color (which is barely an NC20, mind you) but that just increases the insane number of bottles in my drawer with a product I'll only use for a few months. Plus: which one to chose? I like different finishes and coverages for different looks, so I'd have to get like 3 different ones!

There comes a solution, and the friend who told me about that will have my eternal gratitude: Helena Rubinstein Color to Mix!

What's that? it's a "tailor made shade creator" aka a very pigmented cream you add to your foundation to darken its color. You can also add it to a moisturizer to make it tinted, or even to your sunscreen when you're not wearing anything else!
They have a light and a dark version of the product so you can chose the intensity you want according to your skintone.

How does it work? So easy: add a very little amount (rice grain size) to your usual amount of foundation, mix, apply - done.

Price: it's not cheap, it's actually almost as expensive as a new foundation, but it offers a lot more possibilities. The tube is quite small (10 ml) and is sold €29 in Europe, and I think about $50 in the US. But one tube will last you a whole season since you really don't use much.

Do I recommend it? Would I rebuy? Yes, and yes! I'm very pleased about this product, I enjoy using it and I like the result I get.

What do you do when your skin goes darker?


  1. Ooooh, brilliant, Mariella. I might have to get this. I am planning a summer of fake tans as well, since my ghostly skin prefers that heaps over natural sun (duh!). Thanks so much for the tip and review :)

  2. Which one do you choose : the dark or the light one? For some year now I was doing the same thing with the shade enhancer from Agnes B but it is not available anymore (it was way cheaper :))

  3. I forget to mention something, I also try to mix some raw mineral pigment (foundation base from Silk Naturals) into a liquid foundation and it works really great. That is what I use right now :)

  4. Aina sweetie, you're welcome! ;-) Holler at me if you can't find it in your area.

    Lambda, I picked the light, knowing I could always add more if needed. The dark looked more reddish but a friend of ours uses it and it looked good on her (and we have the same skintone)

  5. Genious!! I wonder why other companies haven't come up with a similar product- among those tons of useless stuff, this one makes perfect sense ;)

  6. I use mineral foundation and just mix in some darker mineral concealer into it during those summer months, but this sounds like an almost perfect (almost, as it so pricey!) solution for liquid foundation! x

  7. Have you tried the Face Atelier version? For those who don't know, this canadian company makes both a +0 (to deepen)and a -0 (to lighten) foundations. I believe it runs about $30 USD. The -0 is a holy grail for me, since I can rarely find a foundation shade fair enough in a formula/finish I like.

    I don't know if this would be a better deal for those of you outside of the US, but it's worth checking out!

  8. @ Rocaille: mineral foundation is indeed easy to mix and probably cheaper :) But it totally dries me out.

    @ Jessica: no I haven't, I'm not even sure where to find it, but if I was doing makeup jobs, this would be the first thing I'd get, instead of wandering around with a million foundation shades!

  9. Aaaaw, thanks. I will :)


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