April 14, 2010

Foundation review #16: Clarins Everlasting Foundation SPF 15

It feels like I haven't reviewed a foundations in a very long while, doesn't it?
OK, probably not. But I had been eyeing this one for a very long time and I finally decided to splurge and get it, under the perfect excuse that I needed a darker foundation now that I'm self-tanning. (Since then, this excuse got killed by another product I'll review soon, but the foundation was bought already).
So I got this one in the shade 07-Beige, which is about a NC20 (yeah that's me when I am faked-tanned to the max!).

The Packaging:
A very pretty frosted glass bottle (breakable, thus, but still pretty) with a pump. A gold cap that is slightly tacky but we don't care.

The claims:
This foundation claims to be 'everlasting' as in 'lasting up to 15 hours'. It's non-oily and suitable for oily skins. It gives enough coverage to hide minor flaws and has a matte finish.
Thanks to its active ingredients, it should keep your skin hydrated and radiant. The SPF 15 and anti-oxydants will protect your skin from external aggressions.

The Pros:
- I never wear my makeup for 15 hours, more 12-13 hours, and I must say that it DID stay on that long. I'm not really oily right now but I had used a bit of moistiruzer underneath (which I don't do with moisturizing foundations), no primer, and wow - this doesn't move! You can even blow your nose a couple of time without it transferring to your tissues - I was pleasantly surprised about that.
- Medium coverage that does cover minor imperfection
- A flawless finish that is extremely matte and doesn't settle in fine lines. No need to set it with powder to keep it matte.
- You don't feel it on the skin, it's very light
- At $35, it's reasonably priced for a high-end French product

The Cons:
- My skin felt a bit tight when wearing it so I checked the ingredients and ouch, there's alcohol in it. Dry skin-types, stay away!
- It sets very quickly so you need to be quick as well when applying it. But hands and brushes work well.
- It is very very very matte on the skin, which can look a bit unnatural or ageing it depends what kind of finish you're going for. On the other hand, that allows you to place a cream or powder highlighter exactly where you want and avoid looking greasy.
- It's scented, which you may or may not like; the scent fades away quickly though.

Definitely a very good foundation for combination and oily skins, if you can stand the alcohol in it. It will keep you matte and will stay on all day.
I am going to use this on hot days when I need to wear makeup on top of sunscreen (which could make you look greasy), but will definitely not be able to wear it in the Winter when I have dry patches and my skin already feels tight. I will also need to use a highlighter with it.


  1. Sounds tempting, but I have it when they put alcohol in products! Super drying! x

  2. I swatched it everytime I went to Sephora but never ended up buying it.
    I am still not 100% convienced I need this one as I already have a hundred mattifying foundations :p

  3. I had a sample of this, but hated it, it felt too heavy on my face and the smell was just too strong. Yuck! I'm sticking to my Givenchy Photo'perfection foundation instead.


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