April 19, 2010

Hair Product review: Phyto 7

I have crazy wavy lion hair when I lit it air dry. So of course, I hardly ever do that, because, well, I couldn't get out of the house that way. And even if I do, there's some styling involved to make it wearable.

And when I say styling, I mean blowdry and straighten. I know - bad. My hair isn't nearly as dry as when I was regularly having platinum blonde highlights, but the heat styling will make it a bit dry and cause split ends. And altough I do use masks twice a week, the split ends bother me.

I saw Phyto7 in a drugstore and remember having seen a positive YT review on it (don't ask me from whom, I don't remember, might have been lollipop26) and what caught my eye was the description: daily hydrating cream. Of course! A daily moisturizer for my hair!

It contains 7 plants that are supposed to improve your hair condition, like rosemary, calendula and willow. So that's a quite natural product.
I've been using it for a few weeks and here are my thoughts:

- non sticky
- very easy to apply: spread a nutsize amount of cream in your hands and comb through your hair with your fingers, insisting more on the dry ends - litteraly takes a minute
- I apply after having styled/straightened and it makes my hair look great (I don't use any other product)
- the split ends are actually improving!
- my hair feels smooth and looks shiny

- it has an earthy smell that is unusual for haircare products, but since it's made of plants AND the smell fades within 30 seconds, I can live with that.

It's a fantastic product that I will keep on using and that I strongly recommend. If you have thick hair, or if your hair is ectremely dry and damaged, you can use Phyto 9 instead, which is an even more nourishing product.


  1. I use Phyto 9 (long hair, highlighted then dyed over, so really dry!) and I love it. You do get used to the smell!

  2. I was using it when living in France or was it the 9 one ? Can't remember but it worked really well so as my mummy is coming to Canada at the end of June, I will add it to HER suitcase....

    Caro xxx


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