April 22, 2010

My little Body Electrics by Illamasqua haul

Beauty addicts must know that Illamasqua released their Spring/Summer 2010 collection on April 4th. I had been waiting impatiently for that day so I could place an order before the products would be sold out.

I didn't get much, though. The stars of this collection are:
  • the liquid metal palette, but I already own 2 of them. So I picked the new color, Surge, in its single version instead.
  • the bronzers, but I own a bronzer/highlighter duo from last year that is still pretty much unused
  • the Illumine oils, which are a kind of product I know I'm not going to use, as a highlighter never did anything for pasty white skin
  • the Gleam Cream, that hadn't been released yet when I ordered but that I think is comparable to Mac Strobe Cream, which I like a lot
So I ended up ordering only 2 products.
The first one is the nailpolish in Prism.

I am totally into bright and dark nails but when I saw the swatches for this one, I thought it would be nice - and I haven't been disappointed as it's even prettier than I imagined. It's an almost transparent color, slightly milky, with tons of blue and purple reflections going through it. It really deserves its name, Prism.
I have been wearing it for a week now and have noticed it requires a base and top coat to last, but it's absolutely gorgeous and would be fantastic on tanned hands (or feet) or on top of a color. Definitely a must have for the nailpolish lovers.

And then I got the liquid metal in Surge; since I already own 2 colors from last year as I explained above, no point in getting the whole palette.

Surge is the most gorgeous metallic pewter I have ever seen. It has a bit of shimmer running through it but not big chunks of glitter.

Now I read a lot of reviews from people complaining that the liquid metal crease when used on the eyes. This actually isn't an eyeshadow, it's a multi-use product you can use on face, lips, body... So it's not really meant to be crease proof, but there are ways to make it last.
I use UDPP as a primer, as it's dryer than TFSI and holds cream products better. On top, I use a pencil liner in a neutral champagne color - make sure this pencil isn't too creamy. I use Illamasqua Fat Pencils for that purpose. Then I apply a very thin layer of liquid metal by patting it onto the lid with a finger.
That's it, and it will last 6-8 hours without any problem. Plus, as Sam Chapman from Pixiwoo would say, makeup doesn't have to be perfect all the time, and I don't mind if this one creases a bit at the end of the day.
I have also been using it as a liner under the lower lashline, still on top of some UDPP, and it adds a very nice metallic touch to a discrete office eye look (not that I care much about wearing discrete looks at work, but you get the point).

That's it for now!
Did you get something from this collection or are you planning on ordering? Let me know your thoughts!

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  1. I really want the Liquid Metals palette, but my budget just won't stretch... I think it is better value than the individual ones so I'm sad it's not part of the permanent line to give me more time to save for it.


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