April 26, 2010

Review: Nars The Multiple

I'm late on that bandwagon, uh? I have always regarded Nars Multiples as an expensive version of cream blushes and didn't really see the need for these.
But as I got more into Nars recently, I got curious. But I was still reluctant at paying 43€ for one product I couldn't even swatch or test out!

Then I found this on the Nars website: a set called Plein Eté Mini Multiple. For 44€, I would get 3 different mutiples to try, and that sounded like a much better deal. So, in my cart it was!

Here you have: Copacabana (a pearly highlighter), Orgasm (do I need to explain about this?) and South Beach (a peachy bronzer).

The products are teeny tiny, like each tube is like 2 inches high. That makes them very easy to take along for touch ups during the day, or even when you're travelling.
They apply easily, you blend them with your hand, and voilà, you're ready.

Now what I didn't like as much is that they aren't very pigmented, and for example using Orgasm alone as a blush doesn't give much effect.
South Beach is great for fair skin like mine, but it's also pretty shimmery, so it's not appropriate for all circumstances.

I'm still not sure I would spend that much money for one full size Multiple, but I'm glad I got this set because it's so practical when you're on the go, and they make nice cream bases for other products, or very subtle touches of color.

Did you try one of the Multiples? What color? Did you like it?


  1. Great revue! CAN you believe i manage to get the orgasm one at 5€ during sephora sales.

  2. I haven't tried any NARS, it's not available here and if it were, it'd be SO expensive! I'd go for a cute set like this if I could too, though!


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