May 10, 2010

Back, with a little Dolce&Gabbanna eyeshadow haul & swatches.

First of all, I know I've been missing in action these last days - I have been awfully busy at work and just couldn't find the energy to blog. Normal service should resume in a week, as my schedule is still quite full for the coming days.

In the middle of this hurry, I finally got something I had been waiting for for quite a while: my D&G order from Saks Fifth Avenue.
I can't blame Saks for this delay, it's actually the volcano ash cloud's fault. But it was quite frustrating to have to wait for several weeks when you have been forced to pay huge shipment fees to get express delivery (which is the only option they give you when they ship international). Oh and there were custom fees, as well. And the products weren't cheap in the first place (about 46€ each!). So all in all, it's a very expensive delayed haul. (end of ramble)

I have been wanting to try D&G cosmetics mostly because they look so good in The Beauty Look Book pictures. So pretty and elegant!
The brand not being distributed here, I had to do some research to find where I could get it online. I was thrilled that Saks have it, but also immediately turned off by their terrible swatches. So I had to do some more online research to see real pictures, and they weren't easy to find as this brand is apparently not very mainstream.

I finally decided to get 2 eyeshadow quads: Elegance and Stromboli. Let's discover them together, shall we?

This is the pretty, classy box the product comes in.

Then comes the little pouch (not the prettiest I've seen, but well...):

And inside, there's the quad in its golden splendor:

It's actually quite small, as it fits in the palm of my hands (and my hands are quite tiny, I can assure you).
Now let's open them!



The eyeshadows look small as well, but they're 1.2g each, which isn't bad at all.
The compact contains a real glass mirror, and 2 sponge tip applicators (which I don't use, but to each their way!).

Now onto the swatching. I picked Elegance with the idea of using it for daytime, maybe professional, smoky looks. I was (and still am) unsure about the green eyeshadow in it, since I find greens usually look awful on me, but I liked the other 3 enough to get the quad.
But I must say I was quite disappointed when I swatched it:

My hands aren't actually that red, but I had to saturate the colors on the picture so you could actually see the swatches, as they were really sheer. (Applied with finger with no base underneath). A base will definitely be a must with these ones if I want them to show up.
The dark greyish purple is a matte shade, the other 3 are satin.

Edit of June 10th: these shadows work fine with a base underneath, and the green is gorgeous as a liner under the lower lashline!

Now onto Stromboli. I picked this one for very different reasons: I found the combination unusual and colorful without being over the top, and I kind of thought it would be nice to have for my Summer vacation in Italy because of the name :)
The swatches here are a whole different story:

The gold color looks a bit mustard-ish in the pan but it's a very pretty true gold on my skin. (oh and THAT is the real color of my hand, didn't have to touch up the pic this time). Kind of what I've always wanted Mac Goldmine to be. The three other colors are just crazy pigmented and right up my alley (I'm a bronze addict, what can I say?). The darker shade isn't the blackest black but that's ok, I like to have different intensities in that color.

So here's what I can tell you so far, as I haven't tried the shadows on my eyes yet.
I will do my best to try them this week and will make sure to take pictures for you ladies, so that I can show you what they look like once applied and give an more in-depth review!

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