May 30, 2010

Foundation review #17: Biotherm Light! (spf 10)

I know, I know, I should stay away from new foundations but well... I still consider Nars Sheer Glow to be my holy grail, and I wear Clarins Everlasting more than I thought I would, but as the temperature has been going up, I started craving dewiness. Which is weird because I've been into über matte my whole life.

So I went to a local department store on a mission to find some foundation that would be light and easy to wear, sheer and dewy, but would still last all day and be better at evening out my skintone than a simple tinted moisturizer. I gave that briefing to a SA, and was surprised when se recommended that Biotherm foundation. I think I actually didn't know Biotherm did makeup, I only knew them for the skincare only.

Light! is the most natural foundation in their range, and it totally fulfills my requests.

It's sheer but has a bit of coverage
It's dewy without looking greasy at all
It stays on all day as it's not overly moisturizing
It has an SPF 10 in it (which isn't much but probably enough for the days I spent locked in the office).
The packaging is no-nonsense, it comes with a pump and a small transparent cap

For me, none, but the shade selection offer is quite small. Nothing very pale or very pink is available. So this product will unfortunately not work for everybody.

Now how does this compare to Korres Wild Rose or Bobbi Brown Luminous, that I reviewed previously?

Well on me, the Korres one didn't last well all day, and that's probably because it's meant for dry skin and was too moisturizing for me. It worked better on top of a primer, but wearing a primer on hot days when I want lightness isn't exactly what I want. So I just gave that one to a colleague who has a more mature/dry skin.

As far as the BB is concerned, I still like it a lot. Actually I would still be wearing this one if it weren't for one thing: the smell really bothers me. I find it quite sour and really bothering. I don't know if that's normal, though, and I'll be checking that next time I visit the Bobbi counter, because I might just have gotten an old bottle? Other than that it's a tad bit more covering than Biotherm Light, but quite similar.

But Biotherm has one undeniable competitive advantage: it's 24€ for 30 ml, which is much cheaper than Bobbi Brown or a lot of other high end brands. Also, it's available everywhere, unlike some other brands.

All in all, a very nice product that will stay with me for Summer!


  1. I've tried this foundation a long time ago, I really liked it! Currently I'm using the Biotherm Aquaradiance foundation for combination skin and I'm loving it too- it has medium coverage, a bit dewy if not set with powder and it looks like "skin" if applied with a stippling brush...

  2. oh I haven't tried applying with a brush, I've been using my fingers so far, but I'll definitely do that!

  3. Hello, I know that this post is from 2010, but where did you find this foundation ? I thought that Biotherm foundations ware discontinued ?

  4. were, not ware, sorry

  5. Well they are, now. You can still find them here and there, as there's selling the remaining stock, then all their makeup is being discontinued. Too bad, I won't be able to keep on using it :(

  6. I think today they are difficult to find. Thank you for the answer


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