May 1, 2010

Review: Chanel Soleil Tan (formerly known as Bronze Universel)

I mentioned this product in my April's favorites, and the lovely Mora requested a review, so here it is!

I got this product around New Year time, not that I wanted to look bronzed up for some fancy party, but I read about it in Tali's blog, aka The GlossGoss, and it instantly woke up the lemming I had previously had after seeing Nic from Pixiwoo using this product.
Yes, too many cool people loving it for me not to try it.

The Packaging is a very classy round box that contains 30ml of product. It's plastic, so it won't break or feel heavy if you travel with it, but it doesn't look cheap at all and it has the typical Chanel lid.

What this is: a bronzer. For some reason, Chanel recently changed the name and started marketing this as a complexion base but the product still is what it's always been, which is a bronzer.
What makes it unique is the formulation, which is kind of a dense cream. It's almost the consistency of a gel but it applies like a cream-to-powder product that wouldn't have a powdery finish - does that make sense? I guess you have to touch it to understand. Anyways, it melts easily onto the skin and isn't hard to blend at all. Oh, and it has a delicious but light fruity smell.

Color range: there's only one color and for once, it suits pale skins better! I do believe, indeed, that this doesn't show off really well on darker skins, so let's say this is a bronzer for fair to medium skin. It's not too brown that it would look muddy, and it's not oompa-loompa orange as many bronzers can be.

Application: I think Chanel recommends using your fingers or a sponge. I don't like sponges that much so I tried with fingers, but I found it kind of hard to apply and blend properly this way. As the product is very firm, you can't take a lot on your fingers at once, so that's not practical. I tried with different brushes and I must say that the Mac 109, which is dense and has a flat top, works great. But... that sucker sheds like crazy (although I've had it for a year and have washed it numerous times) and I found myself digging out hair from my precious bronzer. So I switched to my Illamasqua blush brush, which has a similar shape and never ever sheds.
I apply lightly doing the infamous 3 shape, then blend down my neck and decolletage if needed.

Pro's: very pretty color, easy to apply, very natural looking unless you overdo it, great light formula for a luminous skin.
Con's: I'm still unsure about how it lasts through the day but I have this bad habit of touching my cheeks a lot (well, resting my cheeks on my hands while I work, actually) so that won't help.

Price tag: I paid about 31€ for this product, and I must say I was a bit surprised it wasn't more expensive. For a Chanel product, this is along the same price line as other high end bronzers. And as you really don't need a lot, this jar will last quite a long time.
However, I've seen this on US websites for over 60 US$, which is definitely expensive.
If you don't want to break the bank, I read somewhere that Eyeko Tinted Cream could be used in a similar way, and it's sold for a fraction of the price - but I haven't tried this one.

Would I repurchase: sure! I have a couple of other bronzers that I like, but I've been wearing this one every day for a month and haven't really reached for anything else! I like that it feels so light on the skin, that's great for warm days.

I hope you learned something from this! Is anybody using this product, maybe in a different way? What are your favorite bronzers?


  1. I know it sounds boring but my favorite bronzer is a Revlon one in shade 02. It is a powder ...and recommended by the fabulous lollipop 26 !
    I don't know why I never buy cream blush or bronzer blush...I guess I am scared of the blending process with a cream ?

    Caro xxx

  2. I'm really interested in this review. I'm really pale too and have been looking for a bronzer that doesn't look muddy. I've never heard the Soleil de Tan recommended for pale skin before! :)

  3. i am from india. i have caramel skin and i am using this product as a foundation


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