May 16, 2010

Sharing some love 3.

I though this lovely Sunday would be a nice time to share some love and link you to some blogs I love and follow!

The lovely Rocaille is a fellow European blogger who writes a lot of beauty-related product reviews (not only makeup) and has some nice FOTD pictures too.

Tina from The Fancy Face is very talented and comes up with very bright and fierce looks! You might recognize her from the Ideas Gallery, and she has now started doing some YouTube tutorials.

My friend Melanie started blogging on A Little Purple Folie; like me she s a French native speaker, unlike me she writes all her posts in both French and English! She writes in-depth reviews for beauty products, including great drugstore stuff.

And finally, another British blogger (you know I love them) whom I haven't mentioned before but I guess you already know her, the lovely Gemma aka Gemsmaquillage. She also started doing more YouTube videos recently and I like her makeup style a lot because it's never complicated and always pretty.

That's all, folks! I need to go paint my nails now :)


  1. Merci bien cherie, je ne savais pas que tu es francaise! C'est vraiement tres apprecie :) Je vais regarder les autres liens que tu as mentionne tout de suite! Bises.

  2. @ Rocaille: you're welcome! je suis en belgique en fait mais francophone en effet!


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