June 23, 2010

Favourite highlighters: Mac Strobe Cream - Illamasque Body Electrics Illumine Oil

When I first got Mac Strobe Cream, I didn't really know what to do with it, other than mixing it to very rich high coverage foundations like Studio Sculpt.
I have also used as a lightmoisturizer on those "no makeup" days, as it gives a nice moisturized and very slightly dewy look.

Since then I have experimented a bit, and now I find that it works great under very matte foundations, like Clarins Everlasting, to give that "glows from within" look. That allows me to highlight only some parts of my face and avoid the zones that could look oily.
A MUA friend also told me she did use it a lot to highlight the cleavage area so I've tried that and I must say I quite like the effect! It works great on the shoulders and arms, as well.

However, since the tube isn't that huge, I thought it wasn't very effective to use my Strobe Cream on the body - especially as I wanted to highlight the legs as well. So I decided to get another body product that would give the same effect, and picked Illamasqua Illumine Oil (from the Body Electrics collection) in the color Pulse, which is a light bronze.

This is a "dry oil" which means it's not going to be sticky or feel oily, it just leaves the skin soft. It has a very light coconut smell (I love the coconut smell) but nothing upsetting and it fades away very quickly. It's infused with very fine glitter particules, so it is quite light reflective, more than Strobe Cream, I would say. But it works great on the body - I wouldn't put it on my face though.
I have used it on the legs, shoulders, arms and decolletage and I find it lasts very well all day.
Don't be scared by the bronzey color: it doesn't really show and certainly does not make you look orange, even when you're pasty white like me.

I have found myself using these 2 products daily and I'm sure they will be staples in my Summer makeup bag!


  1. I don't know if they even make it anymore, but Estee Lauder made a product years ago called Spot Light that was virtually identical to Strobe Cream. I only mention this because I know MAC is quite expensive in some countries. I can't imagine Lauder being any cheaper, but you never know!

    The Illamasqua oil is really tempting- I was thinking of getting the other shade, which I recall being a pale opalescent with a violet hilight. Like a gossamer ghost...sounds lovely. And it smells like coconut? Hmm...

  2. Jessica, unfortunately, my country has a very limited Lauder assortment, which really sucks - I mean we don't even have their tinted moisturizers! So I wouldn't know if they still had that product, but anyway they're more expensive than Mac, so...
    The other Ilamasqua oil is gorgeous too, I had a hard time chosing only one!

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  4. I actually bought MAC Strobe Cream a while ago and couldn't figure out how to use so I returned it. I have oily skin so maybe that's why?? Anyways, I wish I would have thought of putting on shoulders and cleavage. So are you going to use the Ilamasqua oil on shoulders and cleavage?

  5. Hi Mary007, I have used the body oil mainly on arms and legs, but it works great for shoulders and claevage as well.
    Indeed Strobe Cream can be too much for an oily skin, but there's a Strobe Lotion that's a bit lighter. I just avoid the T-zone when applying.


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