June 28, 2010

Foundation review #19: Diorskin Nude Fresh Glow Powder SPF 10

I'm wondering if I should put a limit on the amount of foundations I'll ever review on this blog, hmmm... I actually recently purged my foundation collection since I find myself wearing the same 3 all the time (Nars Sheer Glow, Clarins Everlasting and Biotherm Light!).
But even considering this, I couldn't help trying something new!

You may remember my recent review of Estee Lauder Daywear Tinted Moisturizer, and how I said in the Summer I always dream of being able to go out with only some tinted moisturizer on. Well, I kind of have the same fantasy about mineral makeup: it looks healthy, it looks easy, it's so light on the skin when the weather is hot and it control the oils. Quite enough good reasons to get one, and since it has extremely good reviews on the web, I chose Dior Nude Powder Foundation.

Dior describe this foundation as containing 20% mineral water, which should make it moisturizing and give a fresh cooling effect when you apply it.
I must say I didn't feel anything, but as this wasn't really the reason why I got this, I don't mind.
I should also mention that even though I am 20 in Dior Nude fluid, I had to go this powder foundation in 30 (Medium Beige), as it runs much lighter than Dior foundations usually do. Number 10 was actually ghostly pale on me, so it's a good one to check if you're on the hunt for a very fair foundation.

  • it does stay on very well all day and does control the oil, even in very hot weather
  • the finish is satin, not flat matte, so it doesn't look cakey at all
  • you don't need much product
  • SPF 10
  • very pretty and convenient packaging: there's a small plastic cap that prevents the powder from going out when the jar is closed, and the actual lid of the jar is wide enough to put my Mac 182 kabuki in it
  • wide range of colors available
  • it's finely meld, enough to be used as a finishing powder on top of another foundation if you want to
  • I didn't experience any itchiness or allergy, contrary to some of the mineral foundations I tried in the past (yes, I'm talking to you, Everyday Minerals)

  • expensive (I paid 33€) especially if you compare it to the numerous mineral foundations available on the web
  • light coverage, building it up is possible but takes a lot of work and is time consuming, at least for me (I might lack of practice, though, but I think nothing beats liquid applied with hands for a quick face)
  • can feel a tad bit dry, you definitely need to put a moisturizer and/or primer underneath
So, how have I been using this? Well, on top of said Estee Lauder tinted moisturizer! This gives the bit of coverage on pore and blemishes that I was lacking when using the TM alone. I must say, though, that I have been applying with a puff instead of a kabuki on the zones where I wanted more coverage. Lazy but efficient :)
Edit: I found out this morning that applying with a Mac 109 was even more efficient, and much easier! Better coverage guaranteed.
I find this combo is perfect for hot days or week-ends as it's really long lasting, and I love the nude finish - it truly looks like you're wearing nothing.

I think this is definitely a foundation to consider if you're on the hunt for mineral makeup. I wouldn't get this for the purpose of using it as a finishing powder, though, as I think Mac MSF can perform as well for much cheaper - but as foundation it does perform better, especially on lasting all day.

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