June 7, 2010

A fulll face using only Mac Mineralize SkinFinishes (aka MSF's)

Mac Brunette MSF - pic from Temptalia

Some people collect them avidly, as most are limited editions. They are coveted, but they're also a bit of a mystery : a question that often raises on makeup forums is "What are Mac MSF's for?". And the usual answer is: some are dark enough to be a sheer blush or bronzer, most are used for highlighting. And that's also how I have been using mine so far.

Until a few days ago... On a makeup forum, I read a post from a lady, who was explaining that she used MSF's - and MSF's only - to do her full face. She was also happy to report she had met a MAC MUA who used the same technique as well. I was intrigued, so I e-mailed her for explanations. And then of course, I had to try.


The technique is pretty simple :
1/ Keep this in mind: use cool colored MSF's for cool skin, and warm ones for warm skin
2/ Use a primer or moisturizer, and dab concealer where you need it if you want to
3/ With a dual-fiber brush like the mac 187, use an MSF that is darker than your skintone - I used Brunette. Apply in the hollow of the cheeks and blend on the temples and along the hairline on the corners of your forehead. Basically, this is contouring.
4/ Apply blush
5/ Apply a highlighting MSF on top of the blush, I used Porcelain Pink
6/ With a kabuki like the Mac 182, use a light MSF all over the face, on top of what you already apply as well as where you haven't applied anything yet.

And you're done!

How can this work, you'll ask me, and how am I not going to look like a greaseball?
Well, MSF's are light reflecting powders. By using them this way, you actually work with the way light is going to hit your face, and that is what is making your face look good. (This, and a bit of Mac mystery, maybe)

I think this works perfectly if you don't need much coverage, want to be ready in a few minutes (because it's really quick) and want a very light, non greasy product to even out your skintone, for example on very warm days. And I am definitely going to use this technique again!
If you try it, let me know your thoughts!


  1. Looks great on you, but I'm more than sure it would settle into my huge pores and make me look like a disco ball... But I can't really try, I don't have any MSFs :) xxx

  2. step 6 scares me a little bit ! I'd be scare to look like a disco ball like Rocaille said ...You have the most beautiful porcelein skin I have ever seen , you lucky girl ...

    Caro xxx

  3. You look amazing on this pic ^^
    The step 6 is with a neutral MSF like the light/medium and so on isn't it?

  4. @ Rocaille, Caro: I was scared of that too but it doesn't look discobally at all! Of course I didn't pick the most shimmery one in my collection.

    @ Lambda: no no no, hun - I mean the shiny, colored MSF's, not the natural ones!

  5. I'd love to try this out - it looks amazing on you! Also the fact that it's quick is very tempting...thank you for the tips!



  6. you are super cute and sexy in this picture! :)


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