June 4, 2010

In and Out's


Summer weather and dresses, it feels so good to see the sun again!
Bright colors on eyes, lips, nails...
Gladiator sandals
Chanel Bronze Universal for the face and neck
Xen Tan dark lotion self tanner for the body
Lisa Taubes 42 inch sterling silver chain
Contacts although I only wear them for a few hours at a time at the moment


Not getting enough sleep because of the heat
Being locked in my office on beautiful days
Antibiotics for a stupid nail infection - they ruin my stomach
Gossip Girl season 3 being over, and Flashforward ending for good this week-end

What are your in and out's?


  1. Strawberries are definitely in, I could live on them! For an out, I had to switch to wearing eyeglasses, which I hate, because of my allergy to pollen :( xxx

  2. Nina

    IN : Sonia Kashuk blush brush - Peachy keen blush from MAC - Summer palette kat Von D - bright nailpolishes on toes - Ice Cream Fruit Sorbet

    OUT : Smokey eyes - Studio Fix Fluid (too covering for the season) - Having to work 5 days a week

  3. What did you think of that Gossip Girl season ending?

  4. @LabelSnob: my thoughts were pretty much "OMGOMGOMGOMG" and I must confess I did search for spoilers on season 4 and am not really a fan of what I read. GG loses a lot of taste without the Blair/Chuck dynamics, in my opinion.

  5. Oh, I HATE heat and agree about GG!
    And also I need to get Chanel Bronze Universal finally but right now I enjoy my Hoola from Benefit. x

  6. LOVE your blog!

    Feel free to follow mine!




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