June 2, 2010

Liquid pen eyeliners: L'Oreal versus Majolica Majorca

I must be honest, it took me quite a long time to master the art of eyeliner application, and I have been known to use mainly gel liners as they're supposedly foolproof. But I have been using liquid ones more and more lately, fooling myself with the thought of a quicker application from a pen and no brush to wash... Wel it is quick, when it works. When it doesn't, it's a pain in the back.

So the 2 liner pens I have been using are these 2: the L'Oreal Super Liner (aka Lineur Intense in the US) in glittery black and Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner in bronze. I like and dislike different things in both of them, so I thought it would be interesting to compare.

L'Oreal Super Liner
+ felt tip liner
+ shake and use, the liner is in the pot
+ available everywhere
+ doesn't dry immediately, mistakes can be fixed
+ lasts well and easily removed

- this formulation is a bit sheer (Carbon lack version must be darker)
- the felt tip could be less flexible, actually, for more precision
- you need to reclose it and shake everytime you need more product

Price in Europe: about 13€ ($16)

Majolica Majorca (by Shiseido) Perfect Automatic Liner
+ a true pen liner
+ turn the top part and the liner comes down to the tip: no need to reclose while using
+ the firm tip makes it easier for me to apply
+ extremely pigmented
+ quite easy to fix mistake before it dries
+ very long lasting but still easy to remove
+ lots of colors available and regular limited edition

- when you click the top part to get product, it delivers too much
- unless you're in Asia, you can only get this online

Price: bought 14€ ($17.5) shipped from ichibankao.com to Europe

What I keep, what I toss!
Well I'm actually keeping both as a I plan on using them up :) But I will not repurchase the L'Oreal one. Although it's easy to find here, it's not very practical to use (as you need to reclose and shake to add product) and the result is a bit disappointing in terms of pigmentation.
Also I feel the felt tip isn't helping in clean application as it tends to bend, which can make a mess.

For roughly the same price, the Majolica Majorca gives a better result, is easier to apply and available in more beautiful colors. You just need to be cautious and rub the pen on the tap to get rid of the extra product that might come out, but other than that I find it quite easy to use.

You can buy Majolica Majorca from Ichibankao (my favorite because all prices include shipping, so no surprise), Sasa , Adambeauty and Gooddealer.com(whic is often the cheapest, but shipping needs to be added). It's listed under the Shiseido range.

Do you use liquid liner? What are your favorites?

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  1. The Majolica Majorca one sounds very interesting, thanks for the review! xxx


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