June 8, 2010

My favorite sunscreens

When I was a kid, I used to tan a very pretty caramel color, even with the copious amount of sunscreen my mom would put on me (I never had a sunburn). But then at the age of 9, I started having Summer Lucitis, which is a totally benign sun allergy. It causes extremely itchy red bumps on the skin everywhere it's been exposed to the sun.

Most of the time I won't have any issue with it - it's the advantage of living in a country where there isn't that much sun. But if I go to the seaside (even at the North sea) or when I'm on vacation abroad, the allergy will flare up if I don't use proper protection.
One more reason not to forget the sunscreen, even if I consider that protecting my skin against premature aging and skin cancer risks was already enough of a reason (and I hope it is for you, ladies).

So here are my favourite sunscreens :

For the body: Bioderma Photoder Max SPF 50

The Photoderm Max products are formulated for the most sensitive skins - if you have sun allergy or have a very fair skin that burns easily, if you're a redhead with freckles... this is the product for you.
It's photostable, water resistant (although like with any sunscreen you need to reapply during the day), fragrance free and it does feel light on the skin.

For the face: La Roche Posay Anthelios XL Fluid SPF 50

I like this product a lot because it's formulated specially for the face and for normal to oily skin. It's a very light fluid sunscreen that isn't greasy or sticky, and you can totally apply makeup on top. It is paraben free and perfume free. And it is completely suitable for the most sensitive skintypes, as it's one of the most photostable products on the market. It never let me down.
Bonus: it does exist in a tinted version!

For when I have to wear makeup and make it last: MUFE UV Prime SPF 50

When we can enjoy a lot of sun, my colleagues and I would go eat our lunch in the garden behind our office building, but of course, at noon, you have every chance to get sunburns. And, as I am there for work, I do wear a full face of makeup. This primer is perfect for these days: it makes my makeup last all day and it does protect during my outside lunch.

These are my 3 assets for a Summer with no sunburn nor sun allergy!


  1. lovely post! Just in time for summer :)

  2. This MUFE base sounds very interesting! Does it contain silicones? xxx

  3. @ Rocaille: it does contain dimethicone but I don't think it feels siliconey at all, and since water is the first ingredient, it's quite moisturizing and doesn't feel like those silicone gel primers.

  4. I have Bioderma with SPF 100 for face and it's a great product.

  5. I recommend Hyseke spf 50 for face.


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