June 19, 2010

Recent FOTD

I haven't posted any FOTD's in a while, even though I make it a priority to be late for work to take pics every morning :)

First of all, a little change: I am now either wearing contacts (but I can't keep them on more than 6 hours at the moment) or statement glasses: out with the old frameless one that tried to make themselves invisible.

These are by Michael Kors Eyewear and I love them.

Then a few looks: I have been on a winged eyeliner kick again lately!

I have also rediscovered Mac Graphology and really wonder why I haven't worn it more!

And other than that, I always get back to my old time favorite: bronze smokey eyes (this one was done with Mac Constructivist paintpot, Tempting, Bronze and Embark)

Now I do notice something on all these pictures: I am wearing either Nars Sheer Glow or Clarins Everlasting foundation in all of them, and wow, total photoshop effect!

Any look you've been wearing a lot lately?


  1. Hello! You are simply and totally gorgeous. I will kill for your skin, seriously! My skin has been really hectic these days but it seems to calm down hopefully. Will send you a brown kajal and maybe a little something else real soon. I really want to see how it looks on your dark blue eyes :))

  2. Thank you Lambda, you're a sweetheart. I'll make sure to send you pics as soon as I have that kajal on!! :-)

  3. You look beautiful on 3rd photo! Such colour looks great on you!


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