July 14, 2010

Book Review: Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

I mentioned recently that I had been interested in the Bobbi Brown line and in the makeup techniques Bobbi uses, as they're very specific.

This is why I got her book, Makeup Manual. It claims to be for everyone, from beginner to pro, and I must say that it really is!

Contrary to a lot of makeup books, this one does contain quite a lot of text, which means you are getting a lot of information and explanations on absolutely everything. From the real basics like picking a foundation and a concealer that are right for your skintone, to a mini-guide on how to make a career as a makeup artist, every subject is touched.

I particularly like that a chapter is dedicated to every part of the face, and that within this chapter, techniques are explained for different skins and shapes. For example, lining Asian eyes or Caucasian eyes can't be done the same way, and I find it very interesting to see what techniques work for faces that don't look like mine.
There are also techniques, as well as "do's and don'ts", for different looks and occasions like bridal, photography...

I really think this is an interesting book for anybody interested in makeup; whatever the knowledge you already have, there is something useful for everybody in this book.
I would only advise against getting it if you're looking for techniques on doing very bright looks with lots of colors (let us be honest, the Bobbi Brown range isn't really known for rainbow colors) or extremely artistic/editorial looks.
Other than that, definitely a great book to have on your bookshelf!


  1. Sounds very interesting, it's always good to perfect one's basics! xxx

  2. I've seen this book around quite a bit, and your review really makes me want to pick it up now!
    Kat x Click&Make-Up!

  3. me too, might have to add it to my ever expanding birthday list! i have the francois nars one make up your mind which i love flicking through though haven't tried any of the looks yet - reviewed it on my blog if you'd like to see it http://aminasbazaar.blogspot.com/2010/03/francois-nars-make-up-your-mind.html
    Amina x

  4. @ Amina: I saw your review and I have actually been wanting to get that book for quite a while but it's very hard to find, I think it's not for sale anymore :(

  5. hi if you recommend a book which one of those books you had review on will you recommend coz implanning to get one! thanks a lot!

  6. @ anon: this one if you're into neutral and polished looks, otherwise Rae Morris Makeup Guide


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