July 26, 2010

Foundation review #20: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20

I know, I know: not so long ago I told you that a tinted moisturizer would never be sufficient for me because I need a bit more coverage. But maybe I hadn't found the right one yet? Plus, I haven't reviewed a foundation in a month... all very good reasons to try out THE stars of all tinted moisturizers: the Laura Mercier one.

There are 3 formulas available: regular, oil-free and illuminating. Since I wanted a slightly dewy finish, I thought the oil-free would probably be too matte and the illuminating would be overkill, so I went for the regular one. I have been using it quite a bit now, including on very hot days, and here are my thoughts.

- now this stuff does give some coverage! Not enough to make concealer useless, you will still need some for your dark circles and blemishes. But this blurs and hides minor imperfections such as pores or small scars, which is all I need.
- long lasting; while with the Estee Lauder, I feel like most of the product disappears through the day, this one stays on really well
- SPF 20, always a bonus, although in Summer I would wear a higher SPF underneath anyway
- 7 shades available, including Porcelain for the very fair among us (I picked Sand)
- it is truly moisturizing and gives a luminous finish

- well it is truly moisturizing, which means it can make you look shiny; if you are oily or hate dewy finishes, definitely go for the oil-free one!
- expensive! with a price tag over 40€ (I think 42-44 but it could even be more), it's more expensive than a Chanel foundation, even though you get 40ml here
- since it gives more coverage than an average tinted moisturizer, it's also thicker and a bit harder to apply; I found this works best on top of a primer (or your sunscreen of choice) and you need to remove it properly at night.

So, all in all, an excellent product. I can totally see why people love it and use it daily instead of foundation. For me, I think it's worth the investment only if you plan on wearing TM all Summer long or more, because it's clearly too expensive for something you'd use once in a while. But if TM's have disappointed you so far, in particular because of their poor coverage, this is definitely the next one you should try.

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  1. I love this product. I used the oil free one all thru winter because I have combination/oily skin and absolutely loved it.


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