July 22, 2010

Haul: Nars Fall 2010!

My Nars order just arrived, after only 48 hours, so I wasn't expecting it and am totally thrilled!

Here's what I got:

We have: Douceur blush (L/E), Rajhasthan duo and Daphne single eyeshadow.
At first I was determined to get the duo and pass on the blush, but then I saw it on Christina Hendricks and thought it was lovely and unique enough for me to get it.

Christina Hendricks at the Mad Men premiere, makeup by Nars.

Here's the result on me - excuse the messy face, it's the end of the day and I couldn't wait to try it on but didn't touch up the rest of my face.

I kind of had to apply a lot for it to show on the picture (in direct daylight) but you can make it very subtle if you want to.

Daphne is a gorgeous matte purple and since I didn't have anything similar (no, not even MUFE 92), I decided to get it as well.

Finally, some quick and dirty swatches:

Are you getting anything from that collection?

And now ladies and gents (?) I am officially on a no-buy for eyeshadows and blushes for the next 2 months at least.


  1. That blush looks perfect on you :)

  2. That blush looks beautiful!!! Looks like a color I would buy!

  3. Oh, the blush is pure perfection! xxx

  4. great stuff you got gurl! the blush is so pretty!


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