July 1, 2010

June Favorites

The temperatures have finally gone up and quite high, which means I spent the whole month using products that wouldn't slide off my face despite the heat.

  • Estee Lauder DayWear tinted moisturizer and Diorskin Nude mineral powder foundation: this is a fantastic combination for a matte but natural and light skin, I can't say it enough!
  • The BodyShop Vitamin E face mist: I spritz this on my face to set my makeup in the morning, and it doesn't move. I know this is really working because on days where I forget it, my blush tends to disappear through the day. This product is a fantastic sealing spray!
  • Mac Marine Life: yes, this has been exaggeratedly hyped, sold out quickly, and the pretty gold on top is just an overspray that disappears after the first brush swipe. But... I swapped for a brand new one and I am so happy I did, this color is absolutely gorgeous. Pink blushes usually don't suit me as good as peach ones, but this pink coral is an exception and I've been wearing it every day since I got it!
  • Coral Crepe paintpot and Shiseido hydropowder cream shadow #H1 (champagne): my favourite eye combo of the moment! I just slap some UDPP on the lid, the Coral Crepe on the outer corner and the Shiseido all over the rest of the lid. I blend a tiny bit of matte brown in the crease, and that's it! Luminous, pretty, great on blue eyes, and so easy to do!
  • Guerlain KissKiss Baby 241 Rosewood Nude: this is my favorite "my lip but better" color and of course, Guerlain has just discontinued it and I wasn't able to find a backup. This is exactly the color of my lips, just a tad bit darker, and I love the moisturizing texture and the fruity smell. Great summer lipstick, as it's so easy to wear.

  • GHD Sea Spray for matte waves: my hair is naturally wavy/curly but I wear it straight most of the time, and always blowdry it. But with this weather, I must say I can't find the courage to use heat tools! So I just let my hair airdry, which often results in a wavy mess, and then to style it I just spray some of this spray. It does give more definition to the curls without making the hair crunchy (which I hate). I also love the smell which really makes me thing of the sea and the salt. Then I gather the hair in a messy kind of ponytail, and I'm done. It's Summery, kind of sexy, and so easy to do!

What were your favorites for this month?


  1. I'm loving the sound of the Body Shop face mist...I love using mineral makeup in the heat, or at least to set my liquid foundation.
    Kat x Click&Make-Up!

  2. My faves this month were:
    MAC Face & Body foundation
    MAC Blot Powder
    MAC Sun & Moon Mineralize Blush
    MAC All That Glitters eyeshadow

    I want to try the Vitamin E face mist!!

  3. I'd love to see how you style your hair! A photo maybe? xxx

  4. @ Kat O and Mary: do try it, it works great!

    @ Rocaille: posted :-) xx

  5. Nice blog. I just saw kisskiss baby 241 on ebay. I love your makeups but your lips require something brighter. JMHO

  6. @ Metro-Chic: thanks for your comment. I actually love bright lips, even though I rarely show that on pics, because I take the photos when I'm home and always put my lipstick on later in the car :-) But indeed 241 is "my lips but better" color.


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