July 18, 2010

A little rave about Ecotools Powder Brush

I got this brush a week ago and have been using it every day since, I am absolutely loving it, so of course I had to tell you.

I was on the hunt for a big fluffy brush with which I could apply bronzer - I was using an Elf Studio Complexion Brush but not really liking it.
For that kind of big brush, Mac, Mufe and other pro brands are very expensive; so when I stumbled upon an Ecotools display, I thought it was worth a try - especially as I had read good reviews about these all over the web.

The Ecotools brushes are 100% vegan the hair is tacklon and the handle is made of bamboo. Other recycled materials are used, like the metal part. They are very reasonably priced: I paid €9,90 for this one and I know it's even way cheaper in the US.
The hair is extremely soft, probably softer than a lot of my natural hair brushes. It washes easily and I haven't experienced any odd smell (nor before nor after washing), shedding nor bleeding.

Ecotools has a wide range of brushes, that you can even buy on Amazon.com so they're available to everybody. I am definitely recommending them and I'll be getting a few more face brushes next time I can get my hands on them!


  1. I bought a limited edition Alicia Silverstone set by them a couple of days ago and I've been loving these brushes! Great quality, very soft, no shedding, plus they're vegan! xxx

  2. Hi
    Where did you find the display?

  3. @ CHB: at the Galleries Lafayette, however you can apparently buy these brushes for cheaper on Amazon.com

  4. i own this brush too! and i love it and uses it everyday! it's so soft :)


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