July 11, 2010

A little Mac In The Groove haul

Yes, I know, you must have seen a thousand of these already. Mine has a particularity, though: I didn't get any MSF's :-)

Actually, I almost didn't get anything at all: I'm so used to us getting the collections way after the US that I wasn't expecting it to be released before a couple of weeks. I randomly discovered last week-end that it was already available, and some of the items were already out of stock on the Mac french website (which I can't use for order but I do use for reference).

So, I knew I had to do a quick move - the Summer mineralize products always being my favorite Mac collection of the year, I didn't want to miss it.
I sent an e-mail to a friend of mine who lives in Paris, I knew she was going to haul for herself as well, and she kindly agreed to take care of my wish-list.

We met yesterday in France for some serious makeup shopping (other post coming on that) and she brought my stuff; here's what I got:

(the items on the left are Blackberry eyeshadow and a B2M lipstick)

Since I had to pick the items without having seen them in real life, I actually found inspiration in Lollipop26's haul.
I got I like it like that lipstick, Happy Together blush and 2 eyeshadow trios, In the Groove and Soften the Mood. Here's a close-up of the powder products, for your eyes only:

Although all the eyeshadows and blushes looked very pretty, I feel like I got the ones that are the most unique in regards to my collection. I didn't pick any MSF because I have several already, as well as other similar products, and I find I don't use them enough to justify the purchase of a new one.

So, what did you guys get from this collection? Or did you pass on this one?


  1. I got By Candlelight & Stereo Rose MSFs and Hang Loose blush. All are pretty, though I wish Hang Loose had a touch more color. I got it to use on the apples of my cheeks, which I can, but to get enough color
    I have to go quite heavy (or use it over something).

    I also found By Candlelight to have a bit too much color to use as a true highlight on my superpale skin. I already had Perfect Topping (which also fits into that category for me) so I really should have returned By Candlelight, but...well...you know!

  2. @ Jessica: lol, I know. I saw By Candlelight in real life yesterday, they still had it in stock, but I have Perfect Topping and Porcelain Pink, I felt it was too similar.

  3. I posted mine yesterday. I got the Stereo Rose, Jazzed, Hang Loose, and Soften the mood eyeshadow. Great hual xx

  4. I agree..the eyeshadow colors are not particularly unique but are very pretty and wearable in this collection. Very nice haul. Thanks for sharing!


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