August 26, 2010

The Best eyeBrow Brush - By Bobbi Brown

...all those B's - haha!

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you will most certainly have heard me complaining about my eyebrows, or rather about the lack of them. They're sparse and they were butchered by beauticians a long time ago, and would never grow back on the right places. Which is why I do fill them in every day. For the record, eyebrows frame your look and your etire faces so that's one of the few steps you should never skip if, like me, you haven't been gifted with perfect brows.

Until recently I was using a Mac 266 brush to fill in my eye brows. This is actually an angled liner brush but it does the trick pretty well.
However I have found a new brush that I like even better: the Bobbi Brown Eyebrow brush.

It doesn't look much different, it's still an angled brush. BUT, it's much more thicker and the bristles are very very stiff. That makes a lot of difference in the way the brush picks the powder (for the record, I use Illamasqua Brow Cake) and applies it. I find with a soft brush like the 266 one, sometimes you would apply too much or get an uneven repartition of the powder. With the BB one, it just applies the right amount everywhere.
Also, since it's a bit thicker, it covers a bit more surface at once and make the whole operation a bit quicker.

Are there any downsizes? Yes, there are two. The first one is that the brush can be a bit scratchy since the bristles are so stiff. But I do have extremely sensitive skin and didn't experience any redness, so that means it's a miner flaw I can totally live with.
Second thing is the price: 25 USD or 23€ if I remember correctly. But I do think buying good brushes is an investment - none of mine are older than 2 years but they look like new since I take good care of them. So if this makes my life easier and my face prettier, it's worth it.

What's your favorite brow tool/brush?

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  1. love this brush too. AT first , i thought Iwouldn't like it too much as the original of this brush was not as good. It picks up much more color than other brushes which I like and it applies the color evenly. This is a keeper for me.


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