August 24, 2010

Is Greige the New Taupe?

That's the question, my friends. We spent a couple of Winters wearing taupe nailpolish (You don't Know Jacques, anyone?) but apparently, greige is going to be the new thing, if we judge by Lady GaGa's nails on the September issue of Vanity Fair

Now, what's greige? (or, as we would say in French, grège). Well it's a mix of grey and beige, and typically a dirty-looking color.

I have actually heard some people comparing greige to a light taupe, but I think it's a mistke - greige is dirtier because there's the grey in it, which the basic taupe doesn't have. See?

Anyway, how does that translate into nailpolish? Well, this way, for example:

This is Ciate Paintpot in Cookies and Cream (what a delicious name, isn't it?). You would actually need 3 coats to make it totally opaque and less sheer than it is on my fingers here.
I find I get a more intense color, with a bit more grey in it, using Essie Playa del Platinum.

Unfortunately, these aren't the most flattering colors on my because of my skintone, but I like that greige color nevertheless and will most certainly wear it this Fall.

Other greige nailpolishes to check out: Essie Chinchilly, Butter London Fash Pack, Deborah Lippmann Waking Up In Vegas, Essie Body Language, Mecca Cosmetics Perdita, Ciate Sharp Tailoring.

Are you wearing greige this season? What's your greige of choice?


  1. Rimmel London's Steel Grey is just like that. I've used it all Winter long and I'm not ready to let it go! Oh, Summer... :)

  2. How funny! I did a post with the same title a few weeks ago--I love ths trend.

    My favorite--Butter London's All Hail McQueen. Holographic goodness.

  3. Lol, The second I saw that cover, I knew that would be the must-have nailpolish of the season! It looks nice on you.

  4. Not so sure this time.... On your picture, it looks really nude to me. But may be it is the lighting. I think I'll stick to the taupe for a little longer.

  5. I like Nubar Sandstone - the subtle mauve shimmer makes it a pretty way to wear greige.

  6. Greige - I don't know, doesn't it look like it washes people out. I mean Lady Gaga sort of looks like she can blend with the wall.


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