August 1, 2010

Share the Love.

I was awarded this Sunshine by the lovely Kat O from the Click & Makeup blog. Since I was planning on doing a "Share the Love" post to tall you about my recent discoveries, I thought that was a perfect opportunity!

So, every blog I'm mentioning here can consider themselves awarded by me :)

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♥ Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

Of Faces and Fingers is my friend's Musicalhouses'blog. Other than very informative posts on makeup for Asian eyes and figuring out your skintone, she also posts a lot of swatches (on her NC20 arm) and uses pretty nailpolishes.

The eyes have it is a diary where JoeyBunny goes on a journey through her too many eyeshadows (I'm quoting her, I wouldn't judge, I have almost as many myself) and the looks she creates with them.

Planet Martha features her author's faces of the day and wow, she has the prettiest face and the best blending skills! Definitely check it out for inspiration.

Blushes on Display is the place to be for the blush addicts among us. That's where Cheri shares her fantastic collection with swatches and comparisons.

Makeup by Ansa's lovely author shares her faces of the day, hauls, reviews and nails of the day.

Jessica Allison is a friend of mine and a professional makeup artist. She previously worked for a lot of high end brands and knows skincare products very well. She posts very well documented articles and also has weekly sales lists.

Pink Sith is the meeting point for the Taupe eyeshadows addicts, plus Elvira is an excellent writer and I often find her posts hilarious, especially on Thursdays. The previously mentioned JoeyBunny also guest posts there on a regular basis.

Lacquerized is the only nail blog I follow, I like to check it for the accurate information on upcoming collections and gorgeous swatches.

I am supposed to link to 4 more blogs, so I'm picking 4 more favorites I already told you about in previous posts: The GlossGoss, MizzWorthy's stuff, Rocaille and Jellyminx thinks.

Now it's your turn to share some love, ladies!

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