August 20, 2010

Xen-Tan Mist Intense (probably the last fake tan review for this year).

I told you a couple of weeks ago I had tried the Nivea quick tan spray , which definitely has good points but also has an afwul smell that almost made me sick.
Still, I really liked how easy it was to use a spray, so I decided to turn back to my old favorite, Xen-Tan, to check what they have to offer in that field.

Well, they have a spray, called Mist Intense, and I got it from

  • the spray smells a bit like beeswax, but the smell fades quickly and there is absolutely NO fake-tan smelled involved! yay!
  • the product has a dark greenish color, which serves as a color guide when you apply and blend the product - always easier than a transparent liquid
  • it dries very quickly on the skin, a few minutes and you can get dressed, so it's really great when you're in a hurry
  • the result isn't orange at all, as Xen-Tan specializes in olive fake-tan
  • the result isn't really intense, that's good because that's fool proof, but one layer really doesn't make much of a difference. I tried using more product to see if I could get a darker result but no, it's very very subtle. Definitely not a life saver if you need to tan really quickly
  • it is a simple spray bottle, not an aerosol like the Nivea one, which means the spraying isn't even at all and you need to blend with your hands. That also means you can't use this to spray less-accessible areas like your back. Too bad.
  • I know the result is supposed to be olive, and I have olive undertones myself, but I kind of find this makes me look even greener
How I would recommend using this: as a touch-up product, for a quick fix in the morning or to take along with you for the week-end, if you already have a solid fake tan like the one Xen Tan lotion provides.

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  1. Great review. I should try Xen-Tan. Keep reading great reviews about it. :)


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