September 21, 2010

How to use: Mac Woodwinked

The very first time I went to a Mac freestanding store, right after it opened in my country, I bought 3 eyeshadows: Ricepaper, Sketch and Woodwinked.

In my book, Woodwinked is pure gorgeousness in a pan: it's a gorgeous gold color with bronzey undertones, which looks quite different once applied than it does in the pan.
However, I often read messages on makeup forums from people who can't make work Woodwinked for themselves because if you're very fair-skinned or cool, it is going to look orange. Not the best result.

Now the good news is: nobody has to give up on Woodwinked, there is a little trick that makes it work for everybody: use a colored base underneath.

As you can see on the picture (my bare NC15 fair olive cool undertoned skin, with flash) the orange undertone tends to disappear when you swatch Woodwinked on top of a paintpot.

From left to right: Indianwood (which is very orange on its own, so it's weird that it makes Woodwinked look more gold, but it works), Artifact, Blackground and Constructivist.
Top line: Woodwinked used alone.

I particularly like to use Woodwinked with Artifact, and maybe with some Mac Cranberry in the crease (a look shamelessly stolen from the lovely Lollipop26), the 2 colors work particularly well together.
If you want to completely cancel out the orange undertone, a black base will work the best, but it will transform the color into an almost antique gold with quite a bit of green undertones.

I recently used it in this look, on top of Indianwood and combined with Mulch, and I think it looks pretty good!

What do you think of Woodwinked? How do you use it?


  1. wow. That looks gorgeous. A lot of people say the same thing about NARS lola lola. I'll have to try woodwinked with artifact. Might do that tomorrow. :)

  2. @ Ansa: oh that's weird I don't have the issue at all with Nars Lola Lola ... I might need to do comparative swatches!

  3. Thank your very much for this trick, it's very helpful !


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