September 14, 2010

If I only have 5 minutes...

This is the look I will go for, aka my "Saturday Morning post sleep in" face. I leave the eyes bare because I want to take my time later in the day to try some new eye look, or I may as well not do anything at all to my eyes and just wear my glasses.

I am wearing:
  • Estee Lauder Daywear Tinted Moisturizer in 01
  • Laura Mercier Secret Concealer in 02
  • Diorskin Nude Freshglow mineral foundation dusted all over as a setting powder
  • some mineralize BodyShop blush in a peachy pink shade
  • a tiny bit of Illamasqua Glint&Writhe bronzing duo
which literally takes less than 5 minutes to apply.

Do you have a minimal routine for those days where you don't have time or feel lazy?


  1. I can live without foundation, but I need lips! I do quick concealer, pencil eyeliner, wash of eyeshadow, mascara, brow pencil, blush and lipstick.

  2. @ Nic: thanks!

    @ Grace: I never count lips into my routine because I just travel with a bunch of lip products in my handbag and apply in the car, so that's a given :)
    For some reason I find I look better with foundation and nothing on the eyes than the opposite.

  3. I think this is a great idea for weekend make-up, I also believe that polished skin instantly makes you look and feel better. I guess I'd just add a touch of lipbalm since my lips get so incredibly dry... xxx

  4. 5 pretty minutes! It's so fresh without being overdone. I like it!

  5. My 5 minute face is similar to yours, I normally don't wear eyeshadow unless going out in the evening or to an event.

  6. I love it! :)

    I definitely have a quick look as well, a lot of times I will just leave my face completely bare or apply MAC Mineralized Skin FInish Natural in Light and a little blush for some color.


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