September 6, 2010


I can be quite non creative sometimes. It took me almost 2 years into my makeup adventures to think of the idea that products could be layered, and now I can't figure why I didn't try this earlier!

I actually started with blushes, layering Nars Deep Truth over Orgasm, and really loved the result (Orgasm alone didn't look that great on me). Suddenly, the sum equalled more than the addition of the components, if you know what I mean.

Since then I have been wearing two blushes in an almost regular basis, and doing more creative combinations like layering a bright pink over a true apricot. I often love the result. I also sometimes wear a cream blush and a powder one on top.

Then recently I decided to try layering cream eyeshadows. Well, I absolutely love the effect! Put the #15 taupe Aquacream on top of Benefit Skinny Jeans, and you get a gorgeous smokey eye in 30 seconds. Have a look:

After reading Bobbi Brown cream eyeshadows can be put on top of powder eyeshadows, I also gave this a try and really liked the effect, the eye is more glossy and, frankly, with a bit of practice, this can work with any kind of cream eyeshadow.

And finally, I do layer lipsticks too. If I want to give a matte or satin lipstick a shiner finish, I will use a frosty lipstick underneath (yes, underneath, not on top). Or I will tone down a color by putting a lighter one underneath again. I like this much more than the usual lipstick and lipgloss combination, which I hardly ever do (I wear my glosses alone).

So, even if I often jokingly say that I layer products so I get more use of my ginormous makeup collection, I mostly do it because I love the result.

Do you layer? What are your favorite combinations?


  1. I love it. You look so pretty and put together. I only ever layer Mac Myth with a darker color like show orchid. Is that a Lorraine neckless? It looks very pretty. xx

  2. Hello MoB! Yes I do like to layer lipsticks, to create new textures and also different colours that become unique. I have never tried to layer cream eyeshadows over powder eyeshadows, I shall try it!

    Off topic: I do like the BodyShop Seaweed Cleanser.

  3. Wow, your hair color is amazing! I just wanted to pop in and say that.. I've been reading for a couple days but finally decided to comment.. :) Love your m/u looks!

    a pinch of pretty

  4. @ Ansa: yes, it's a Lisa Taubes 42 inch sterling silver chain I bought from Lorraine :)

    @ Fabs: ooh that's still my HG cleanser :)

    @ Sarah: thanks for commenting! My hair color is a level 7.32 from the L'Oreal Professional Richesse range. It gives a nice boost to my mousy blonde hair :)


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