September 23, 2010

Little miracle in a bottle: Pure Aloe Vera gel

You know how we are all smart grown-up girls who never a) pick at the zits on our face, b) go to the beach without an high SPF protection c) never cut ourselves when shaving ?

Well, we all fail at being smart and grown-up sometimes, at least I know I do, and when that happens there's a product that is natural, cheap and can make miracles: Aloe Vera.

I never investigated it but since Aloe Vera Gel was appearing somewhere and I had vaguely heard it could greatly help with little skin wounds, I got this one at my local drugstore. The 200ml tube was about 3.50€ if I remember correctly - it was cheap anyway.

Aloe Vera comes from a plant and has healing properties on burns, scratches and little skin wounds. You can apply as much as you want and as often as you want.
I have been using this one on my face to help with *cough*spots I had picked at*cough* and I must say it does work: it soothes the area quickly, helps it drying and healing, and I have found that it makes the whole healing process shorter.I have also been using it post-waxing or shaving to soothe the skin, and it works wel. The gel smells good and isn't sticky, and it dries within less than a minute.
I also read Aloe helps with exzema so I'll be trying it as soon as that nightmare that is my Winter skin returns.

Now as I said, I hadn't researched it before buying and it turns out the product I got isn't the best quality. Although it contains 98% Aloe Vera, the remaining 2% aren't very natural and further research has taught me that you should be looking for an Aloe Gel that:

  • has the biggest possible percentage of Aloe in it, with a minimum of 98%
  • doesn't mention water (Aqua) in the ingredients
  • is organic, if possible
  • hasn't been pasteurized
  • contains less than 0.1mg Aloin
  • doesn't contain citric acid, E202 or E211 since these can cause allergie and damage the gel quality
  • doesn't contain carbomer, carbopol or parabens but is made of natural jelly like Xantham
The aim being that you get as much Aloe as possible and as less crap as you can when using the product. (Chemists and ingeneers are welcome to comment if they have more information though, since the results of my researchs aren't very clear to myself).

Anyway, considering the price and the benefits, I think this is definitely worth keeping as a staple in the skincare drawer.


  1. I love Aloe Vera. It truly is an amazing plant. It has a ton of benefits and I love using natural things on my face/body. I find they work better for me. :)

  2. In my recent eyeliner fail, I had rubbed my eyes so much, they were red and irritated (the skin, not the eyeballs). Desperate, I put some hand cream on the skin below my eye and on my eyelid, because I really wanted something heavy to help counteract the torture I'd just done to my poor little eyes. The cream just happened to have a high concentration of Aloe in it, and oh my gosh... my skin felt like silk the next day. It was the most gorgeous feeling ever! A good aloe-based eye/face cream is actually on my Things to Obsessively Search for Next list. ;)

  3. Mu problem with this gel is that it kinf od "peels" when it's dry.
    I put some on a sunburn this summer, it worked very well but in the morning my bed was full of dry aloe flakes...

  4. if youre looking for pure aloe and manage to find someone who sells it, i'd say forever aloe gelly would be the best option. the stuff is 100% and amazing.

    rest of their products are worth taking a look too, they have my all time favourite facial scrub and the sonya nourishing serum has done wonders to my skin. its never been better.


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