September 22, 2010

Naked face!

How comfortable do you feel with your naked face? This is a question that is often asked on makeup forums, probably because a lot of people think that makeup is used as a mask behind which we hide.

Well it wasn't always true, but I'm now quite comfortable with my naked skin.

Actually, learning about makeup and how to use light, shadows, contrast... helped me learn a lot about my own features. So it sounds like a contradiction but since I've been wearing makeup, I feel much more confident going out with nothing on my face - even though I think I do look better if I can use a bit of concealer and fill in my sparse brows :-)

I also think skincare does make a lot of difference since it's easier to show your naked skin when it's in good condition. I do know the joys of pigmentation marks and surface redness but overall I can't really complain about my skin.

So the reason I put on my makeup every morning isn't that I couldn't go outside with my naked self, but much more because it's fun, it allows me to play with my image and, well, it's my motivation for getting up way earlier than I like to!

I'm curious about what you do: do you always wear makeup to go outside of the house? What's the minimal amount? Do you feel comfortable going outside with your face naked?


  1. I haven't been wearing makeup since late spring/early summer. It's too hot where I live to bother with it. If it doesn't melt off, it just feel downright uncomfortable. There are lots of little things I don't like about my skin or facial features, but when it comes right down to it, I don't *have* to have makeup. It's just a nice touch that I find fun to put on when it's actually cool enough to put forth the effort. ;)

  2. I could have written this post, I feel exactly the same and you express it perfectly !

  3. Mmm... Good question... Like you I wear makeup firstly because it is fun. I also consider it, in a certain way, like an artistic expression. In the morning my face is a blank canvas. But I have too many pigmentation marks and dark circles under my eyes to feel comfortable leaving the house without at least some concealer, a bit of powder, some blush and some mascara, that is my strict minimum.

  4. I think you're lucky to look so lovely naked!(that sounds really awkward...)

  5. I agree with you 100%. I haven't always felt comfortable going out without makeup but really do now. This summer especially, it was too hot here to even bother. Great post. xx


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