September 25, 2010

Summer Moved On

Fall officially began yesterday. As a matter of fact, the weather kind of switched overnight and we are now back to the usual heavy rain and lower temperatures that are typical of northern Europe.

There were signs, I must say, in my wardrobe and in my makeup stash, that Summer was going away:
I finished my Laura Mercier Secret Concealer in shade 2, which is my Summer color.
My darker (NC20-25, hum) foundations don't match anymore, unless I get happy with bronzer.
I stopped using self-tanner because I am not showing that much skin nowadays.
There's no daylight yet when I get up, so I have to put my makeup on under lightbulbs.
I'm wearing my hair straightened because it's too cool for me to let it hair dry to get it curly.
I feel like wearing berry lips and dark nailpolishes.
And, well, yes, Fall collections have arrived in stores.

So I'm reuniting with my old habits, digging up pale foundations and pinkier beauty powders.
I'm wearing with nostalgia some of my favorite looks from past summer, knowing that I now must transition to Fall colors - at least by adding some darkness on the eyes.

I think it's working.

A tiny bit of black liquid liner on the upper lash line -
I ended up adding a deep berry lip color :)
Don't tell me I look like a stewardess, I know :)

A more casual-cute look with the braid and pink lips!
I'm wearing my favorite blush combo: Illamasqua Unrequited and Lover layered.

Foundation is Nars Sheer Glow (Fidji) in all pictures.

How does Fall feel like, beauty wise, for you?


  1. I love both looks. It is still so hot here(very different from last year)making ithard to get in the mood for fall Usually for fall I pull out my light foundations as well (NARS Fidji) is one of them, darker nail polish, and more smokey eye colors.

  2. Very pretty looks! For me Fall usually means my skin looks a bit blah, I guess its the slight fading of colour I've picked up in the Summer. I like darker nails & lips in the Fall.

  3. I need that sheer glow foundation ! I love the way you tied your scarf in the 2nd pic !

    I am back .....

    Caro xxx


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