October 24, 2010

Bring on the falsies!

I had a party this week-end, and I was totally uninspired as of what look to do.  The only thing I wanted to do was trying on false eyelashes, as I had never worn any before (shock horror!).  I recently got a few pairs from Illamasqua and decided to wear these:

They're #13.
But I couldn't go out with lashes only, could I?
So for the rest, since I have an addiction to dresses cut in Courrèges-style, I thought going for a retro 60's Bardot look would be fun.

Excuse the bad light on the pics, they were taken very late (early?) after I came back home.

See? They are dramatic!

Other products used for this look: Mac Blankety lipstick on an overdrawn lip, Mac Warm Soul blush, and for the eyes, light brows and black smokey made with UD Perversion on top of brown pencil.

I was a bit intimidated by the lashes, but I managed to put them on quite easily with tweezers, and to keep them on 7+ hours, which isn't bad for a first time!

Do you like falsies? What kind? Do you wear them daily or for special occasions?


  1. Love the look you did ;) and the Falsies by Illamasqua look fab! The first false lashes I wore were the Revlon ones with the adhesive already on the band...no fiddling with glue. Then I moved on to Red Cherry lashes. I prefer the style #20. With the Quo lash adhesive latex-free. ;)

  2. WOW. Hello Bombshell!

    I like spiky lashes, the ones that don't look remotely real. Mindy (@HovercatMitterns) posted a link on Twitter to a place that sells a wonderful variety of odd lashes, and I went a little crazy ordering.

  3. Hey you look great in these lashes!!!Lovely look sweety.

  4. I think you look spectacular. Love that lash shape! xxx

  5. You look fantastic with those lashes ! I wear them very rarely but they make such a statement ....

    Caro xxx

  6. Thanks for your nice comments everybody! They're definitely statement lashes but I think they're the start of a new addiction :-)

  7. You look absolutely gorgeous !!


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