October 13, 2010

Burning down the makeup stash!

No, no, don't worry, I haven't decided on throwing all my makeup away! Even though I did some serious clean-up last week-end and put some stuff for sale.
But it really got me into thinking about the things I really really like in my stash. Not the ones I keep because I find them pretty or because they remind me of some nice occasion. I mean, the ones I do always come back to and would immediately buy again if my stash were to burn down and I had to start it all over again. 
Let's pretend we have to quickly rebuild an emergency beauty bag with only holy grails, shall we?
Here's what I'd definitely buy:

Nars Sheer Glow foundation.
Heaven forbid I ever have to live with only one foundation (I'd like to be able to pick at least another one!) but if I really had to, this would be the one. What can I say, it's the only one I have in 3 shades so I can enjoy it all year long, if that doesn't prove that I love it...

Bobbi Brown creamy concealer.
Because it's the only one that perfectly covers my undereye circles, still looks natural and has a perfect consistency for me.
Makeup For Ever Full Cover would be a close second but it's a bit thick for the undereye area.

Mac MSFN powder.
Perfect as a setting powder, perfect used on itself like mineral foundation.

Illamasqua blushes.
Lover and Unrequited would be the 2 first blushes I'd get! I can wear them alone, I can layer them, they're just perfect.

Nars Exhibit A and Zen blushes.
Exhibit A is unique and gorgeous, Zen is my perfect contouring color, so these are the 2 first Nars blushers I'd pick.

My Bobbi Brown Nectar Shimmerbrick
Because all the blushes I picked are matte, and sometimes I like a bit of shimmer on my cheeks :)

Cargo Blue Ray matte bronzer.
I have actually hit pan on this one. I have other bronzers that I like but if I had to keep one only, I'd have to get this one.

Illamasqua brow cake and Essence brow gel.

Most natural combination ever to fill in my brows.

Nars smudgeproof eyeshadow base.
Works great under any kind of eyeshadow and totally lives up to the expectations.

Shiseido hydropowder in 01, Mac Rubenesque and Coral Crepe paintpot.
These are really staples, because they're no-brainers. I can use them for any kind of quick look with a darker shadow in the crease. They're great bases for colors.

Eyeshadows: Mac, hands down.
I have a lot of eyeshadows. Cross that, I have hundreds actually. But the ones I'd rebuy would be pretty much these :

My Mac neutrals. My Tempting, my Woodwinked, my Satin Taupe, my Mulch, my Cranberry. These do get a lot of love.
Not having my UD Naked palette would probably break my heart, so this one would be next on my list.

My YSL Faux-Cils mascara, and my Bobbi Brown gel liner.
Because they're the owners of all the drama my eyes can use :-)
A few lipsticks, mostly Mac.
I think the first ones I'd get would be Dubonnet, Girl About Town, O, Morange, Charismatic and CB96. 
Let's pretend my beloved Guerlain KissKiss Baby in Rosewood Nude hasn't been discontinued, I'd get that one too for a my lips but better look.

So... 23 products and a Mac pro palette. Enough to fill in a big makeup bag and make myself ready for the day.
What would you run and buy again if you were left sans makeup all of a sudden?


  1. Looks like a great selection of products! Love how you have organized your shadows with the names on top. This is something that I should do!!!

  2. I can't answer that question! Too hard! But I did pack some 'essentials' before moving and I think I'd choose a lot of these again...

  3. LOL! 23 products and a palette! U go girl! Remember the days of no makeup? Blast them!

    I would get my MAC Brow Pencil in Stud or Spiked, UDPP, Covergirl LashBlast Mascara, MAC Oil Control Lotion, MAC Pro Longwear Foundation and Concealer and MAC Blot Powder. That would keep me safe for a week or so. Plain face would rule for a while. Oh...and of course my Shiseido Foaming Face Cleanser for the clean up.

  4. such an interesting post ! Give me a little break and I'll go back to you , I need a little time to imagine the disappearance of my collection (mourning in process there !). If you don't mind I'll copy you in a post ....


    Caro xxx


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