October 21, 2010

Cleansing routine, and 2 products reviews.

I rencently mentioned my using of Mac Face&Body foundation and that, this being a waterproof foundation, I needed oil to remove it.

So I thought it would be the perfect occasion to explain which cleansing routine I like when I have this kind of makeup on, and introduce you to the products I use.
First of all, the cleansing oil. I use Shu Uemura balancing cleansing oil, which is in the pink bottle and is meant for combination skin as it has balancing properties.
You have probably seen this a million times, but I can't get this product in my country and got this as a birthday gift last Summer from a friend who's lucky enough to have a Shu freestanding store in her area!
Basically, you use a couple of pumps of oil on your dry face, you massage it gently then you add a few drops of water and massage again so the oil gets a bit milky. You can use this on your eyes as well and remove your (waterproof) mascara with it, at least if you're not afraid of looking like a panda for a few minutes.

Then, I remove everything with a wet muslin cloth. I have been intrigued by these for a while, as I know they are part of the famous Liz Earle skincare routine. Basically, muslin is a fabric that is a bit stiff, so it slightly exfoliates your skin when you're using it. It's very gentle, though, I didn't experience any redness.

I got my muslin cloths from Natroma, which is a UK based online store. I picked the organic ones, and I found that at £1.75 each (non-organic are £1.50), they were reasonably priced compared to other online stores I had seen. So I ordered 6 (they are sold by three). I got my package very quickly and had a positive customer experience so I'd recommend them if you need this kind of product.
The cloths have a slight earthy smell but nothing disturbing. They're washable in the washing machine but you can't use fabric softener as that would ruin the purpose.

I can tell you that this combination of products does remove everything and leaves the skin plump and clean. I still use another cleanser under the shower to make sure I get rid of all the oil (I mostly use Bioderma foam) and because I like to double cleanse to feel fresh, but it's not really necessary.

Any of you a fan of oil cleansers and/or muslin cloths? Or have you found anything even better to remove waterproof makeup?


  1. Love cleansing oil. I don't have any favorite, I find they all do a great job. I have tried the MAC Cleansing Oil, L'Occitane Almond and Apple Cleansing Oil, UNT Cleansing Oil. I also use Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel. I love them all and they really get rid of all make up. I am planning to buy the Shu Uemura, but I'll wait a bit until the others are close to be finished. You really don't need much and a little goes a long way. Personally I like to follow the cleansing oil with a washing with either the BodyShop Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash or the Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash (it has soft exfoliating beads in it). Skin feels great afterwards!!

  2. I actually want to try olive oil to remove my makeup, it's natural and cheap! :) I've never tried a muslin cloth before, does it really make any difference? :)

  3. I've started to love my non-foaming clay based Bioelements cleanser and I also use a muslin cloth to wipe it from my skin. I have to say I wash my muslin cloths in the washing machine with the softener, and while the first time using them after the wash they're quite soft, they get a bit stiffer again with use. xxx

  4. @ Stavroula: I don't know if it makes a huge difference but I like that it makes my skin feel ultra clean, plus I think the very light exfoliation is a nice bonus

    @Rocaille: well I'm glad you're telling me that because I'm more likely to wash them regularly if I can put them together with my clothes, rather than washing separately with no softener! xx


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