October 19, 2010

Foundation Review #22: Mac Face & Body

No, I didn't buy this one. One of my lovely makeupaddict friends sent me a very generous sample of this, so I can now review it for you all dear readers. The sample is in the color C1, which matches me perfectly.
I was very curious about this one, I must say, as I have heard the best and the worst about it, as the ladies on makeupalley often criticize it and prefer the Makeup For Ever Face & Body (which I haven't tried).

First thing I have to say: this foundation is an alien, I've never seen anything like that. It's a water based foundation that is very liquidy and runny when you pour it from the bottle, but once you start blending it on the skin, it does set and dries within a couple of seconds. So you have to work quickly and as often, I find my fingers are the best tool to apply.
Now once it's on, you just let it set for a minute, you look at yourself in the miror, and you say WOW. This gives a fantastic finish, superior to a tinted moisturizer but definitely very sheer and letting your skin show through.

I have been using it with concealer (MUFE Full Cover to hide some redness on the cheeks), no powder, and it lasts all day. Then, to remove it properly, you'll need to use an oil based remover, I use my Shiseido cleanser (oh, another product I need to review). I absolutely adore the way this looks on my skin, I would definitely call it a lighter version of my beloved Nars Sheer Glow, and it's the best sheer foundation I've ever used (I usually don't like very sheer foundations).
So, in a nutshell:


  • Huge bottle for a reasonable price: 120ml for $32, that's 4 times the volume of an average foundation for about the same price!
  • Long-lasting, at least on me.
  • Water based, oil-free.
  • Sheer coverage that lets skin show through but beautiful satin finish.
  • Sets quickly, no need to wait.
  • Doesn't look greasy, no need to powder.
  • Can be used on the body, which means a darker shade can be used on your legs to fake a tan in the summer, for example.
  • No SPF in it, is reported to photograph beautifully
  • Can be a bit difficult to work with if you're not going fast enough.
  • I've heard the formulation separates quickly, which would make the use of the whole big bottle impossible - but I have no evidence of that.
  • In France, you can't get it at counters, you have to go to free standing store, so it's not widely available.
  • The coloring system is different from the one used with other Mac foundations
  • May require extra concealing if you have uneven skintone

If you're looking for sheer coverage (if you want freckles to show through foundation, for example, which I think is lovely) and good value for money, this is the perfect foundation for you. I definitely recommend it, I am going to use up my sample and might get a full bottle next Summer!

Oh, and I'm wearing it on this (not very good, apologies) picture:


  1. J'aime l'idée d'un fond de teint léger qui "fond" dans la peau rapidement ! le dernier acheté n'est pas assez mat pour moi...J'ai envie su Sheer glow mais je peur de l'effet brillant ...

    To buy or not to buy , that is the question ...

    Caro xxx

  2. I have been wanting to buy this for ages but I'm into a mineral powder phase right now. Once I'm over it, I'll def have to give it a try. You can't get this in the counters in the US either. It's freestanding stores only Your skin looks flaweless by the way. Very jelous. :)

  3. Hey hey glad you like it! I do agree the finish is gorgeous on good skin. Mine is too ba right now but one day maybe ^^. About phase separation to be 100% honest I store mine in my fridge tightly close in its box (with all my veggoes :p) and for now it looks perfectly good.
    To me it is the best storage and you just have to invest in a baby pump bottle to sample it from time to time.

    PS: Eager to read about Shiseido cleanser! I did not know they do oil-based remover?!?

  4. I'm afraid it won't give enough coverage for me, but thanks a lot for the review !


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