October 29, 2010

The "I have a bloody cold but must go to work" look.

Even though I dress appropriately and wash my hand obsessively, I managed to catch a stupid cold - hence me not being around much these last few days.
However, I have a very busy week at work with a lot of meetings, which means I can't stay home and get the job done from my couch. To look presentable, makeup is the solution.

A lot of people would spontaneously put a lot of makeup on with the aim to create a healthy face, when they should actually be doing the opposite. Yes, folks, when you're sick and want to look good, less is more!
I'll let you judge if my theory and technique are convincing enough:

What you want to do is bring light to the face and conceal the redness, that's what is going to make you look fresh even though you are not.
Make sure your skin is moisturized and you don't have dry patches showing: I used Estee Lauder Idealist serum and Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré on my whole face, then added a bit of Mac Strobe Cream on the cheeks. This already makes you look much better, then you can proceed with the makeup.
I used:
Nars Sheer Glow foundation in Gobi
MUFE Full Cover concealer #5 for the face
Bobbi Brown concealer in Warm Ivory under the eyes
Givenchy le prisme visage Blooming in Apricot, lightly all over the face
Nars Zen blush to contour the cheekbones slightly
Illamasqua Lover blush on the apples of the cheeks.

For the eyes, catching the light is again your goal. I used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion Sin blended all over the lid and into the crease
A tiny bit of Mac Mistery e/s in the crease to give depth
Mac Milar e/s under the brows to highlight
Mac eyebrow pencil in Fling
YSL Faux-Cils mascara

My final touch and secret weapon is a tiny bit of transparent glittery liquid liner by Gosh, under the lower lashes. It does really catch the light without being really noticeable.

On the lips: Guerlain KissKiss Baby in Rosewood Nude (discontinued)

I learned the basic technique from this fantastic tutorial that I really recommend:

Now, if you allow me, I'm gonna go back to sneezing.


  1. I completly agree. Less is more when you don't feel well. You look beatiful with this makeup, and I wouldn't at all guess you haven't felt well in the past couple of days. Hope you're feeling better, and thanks for the tips. xx

  2. You look lovely :) Hope you feel better soon.

    Kelly x

  3. Thank you for this video, very helpfull !


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