October 16, 2010


It took me a while to get into Nars products. I guess at first I wasn't ready to appreciate their colors, and then the first purchases I made left me disappointed.
But I did give Nars another try over a year ago and I am so happy I did! Especially as Nars Sheer Glow is my holy grail foundation, and as Nars Deep Throat is one of my favorite blushes.

I did get some products from the Fall collection and I really enjoy them. And now Nars announces some more gorgeousness for the Holidays, I don't think I'll be able to resist! Let me introduce:

ETRUSQUE SINGLE EYESHADOW, $23 - An antique gold hue reminiscent of Etruscan cast bronze art 

 MELUSINE DUO EYESHADOW, $32 - An ultra-modern union of rich purple orchid and silver-spun lilac

SEX APPEAL BLUSH, $26 - A soft peach blush, perfect for foolproof contouring

Yes, another peach blush, what can I say? It's my thing, let it go.

There are more pretty things in this collection, including OKINAWA TRIO EYESHADOW, $45  described as  The first trio eyeshadow for the brand is a striking triad of black onyx, silver and cobalt blue, as well as lip products and nail polishes.
But I'm going to try and be brave, and resist getting everyting!

Anything you fancy in this collection? Or in the other Holidays collections?


  1. I love NARS blushes! Deep Throat is one of my favs too. That Sex Appeal Blush looks beautiful!

  2. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaahh !!! The blush ! the blush !! I need it !!!

  3. That gold eyeshadows looks gorgeous! Lovely blog, now a follower!


  4. I have got to get ETRUSQUE eyeshodow and sex appeal blush. They are so beautiful. xx

  5. Hey great picks!!! Love the gold eyeshadow...Great blog sweetie!!! Try checking out mine.

  6. That blush looks so pretty... but (*groan*) this means I'll have MORE make-up! I think I've reached that point where I am appalled at how much I have... know what I mean?!

  7. @Rakhshanda: welcome, thanks for following!

    @Café Bellini: I SO know what you mean - now that I made some room in my stash with my sales, I guess I can justify it ;-)


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