October 8, 2010

My brushroll

I got a brushroll a while ago, and I've travelled with it a couple of times already. I now realize I never told you about it.

I bought it on Etsy from the lovely Sakura0325, whom I had met on Makeupalley. She did a lovely job for a reasonable price and what I like a lot is the fact that she uses a light plastic on the inside of the roll, so it's washable and the fabric won't get stained by dirty brushes.

I got to chose how many slots I wanted and for what kind of brushes, and I definitely can fit about a dozen in there!
Definitely visit her Etsy shop and contact her if you're on the hunt for a brushroll, as she can customize things for you.

Pictures property of Sakura0325.

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  1. That's too cute. I just have a plain black one. Love this. So girly.


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