October 4, 2010

Review: Clarins Instant Blush Magic Color

When I first saw this on beauty blogs a couple of weeks ago, I thought it was cute and would be lovely to have.
When I finally got to see it in real life at the counter, I thought it was a weird product: the color looked bubble gum pink in the jar, but transparent when I swatched. But after a few seconds the color got a bit darker on my skin to become a pretty pink flush. So even though it's completely gimmicky, I thought it was fun and I impulse bought it!

This Instant Blush is actually a limited edition, and it exists only in this pink color. It has the consistency of lipgloss upon application even though it looks very compact in the jar. And actually, you can totally use this on the lips too.

The product is meant to be suitable for any complexion since it "transforms" on your skin but I found that on me, it was quite a light pink and I'm not sure how that would work on darker skintones.

I like that the finish is slightly dewy, however I find it to be a bit sticky. You also have to blend it with your fingers very quickly as it sets within a few seconds.
I have been using it mainly as a base for my light pink blushes (like Chanel JC Pink Explosion or Illamasqua Unrequited) but I think that in the Winter it will be a lovely color on its own.

An overall fun product for a reasonable price (around 20€), not a must have but it would make a lovely gift for a teenager or for pink lovers of all ages.


  1. This is kinda of cute. If the color was the same as the jar, I would be all over it. I love bubble gum pink anything. xx

  2. Yummy ...I am partial to Clarins : I can't resist the smell of their products (always so gorgeous ...). I never tried cream blush : old trauma over my teenage years when my skin was so oily ...

  3. HI, even though this is touted as Clarin's Fall 2010 product, I can't find this product anywhere. Do you have any suggestions?

  4. @ anonymous: try the online clarins retailers like Nordstrom etc, but chances are it's already sold out since the Holiday collections are now available.


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