October 31, 2010

Sunday night award and share some blog love!

The lovely Aina awarded me this nice Cherry on Top award :) Thanks Aina!
If you don't know her blog, go and check it. She writes in Norwegian but the pictures are beautiful since she's so pretty, and Google Translate does a great job at helping you understand the writing.

The rules for the awards are as follows: 
1. Thank the person you got it from
2. Copy the award to your blog
3. Share 3 things you like to do
4. Forward the award to 5 people who deserve it

Three things I like to do :

  1. Sleep! You guys have no idea :) And I really enjoyed the extra hour last night!
  2. Listen to music and sing really loud when I'm alone in my car
  3. Read
The blogs that I like and forward this award to:

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on the award and thank you so much for forwarding it to me. I can so relate on the sleep. Can never get enough of it. Have a great day. xx


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