November 30, 2010

Perfume Review: Serge Lutens Chergui.

No, I haven't splurged and bought a new Lutens perfume but I'm getting really addicted to them, and I had the opportunity to try this one after I got a generous sample of it.

Chergui is the name of a wind that blows in the Maroccan desert. One that feels dry, hot, dessicating even, that moves dust and feels unpleasant. But it was nevertheless the inspiration behind this perfume created in 2001.

And I can totally see (or rather, smell) why: this is the kind of fragrance that will remind you of the desert even if you've never actually seen it, and that you'll enjoy wearing in the cold Winter to make yourself feel more cosy and warm.

The official notes in this perfume are hey, honey, musk, leather, incense, tobacco, amber, iris, rose and sandalwood. It's complex, rich, oriental and woody and I absolutely love it.
At first I get the spicy notes a lot, mostly the incense, a bit of tobacco and leather.
But  then it settles quickly on my skin (as always - I can never enjoy the first notes very long) into a milky, clean, musky mix of sandalwood and honey.
It stays there all day, strong and warm and delicious, without really fading. Every time I smell it again, I feel wrapped in a blanket of mellow warmth that, in my mind, would evoke a peaceful desert on a late afternoon, not a windy and hostile one.

I think it's a very sexy fragrance, but just like 5 O'clock Au Gingembre, it has a masculine note because of the tobacco and spices. Maybe a softer one, though, and toned down by a bit of sugar, so I actually think it's a perfect unisex perfume that fits perfectly for this time of the year.
Probably my next perfume buy.

November 29, 2010

Book Review: The Japanese skincare revolution, by Chizu Saeki

The topic.
Chizu Saeki worked in the beauty industry for 45 years. She isn't a beautician or a makeup artist, nor a dermatologist: she worked in HR, and eventually became responsible of training sales associates for luxury brands like Dior.
This book is explaining the techniques she developed over the years to take care of hers and her client's skin.
Basically, she claims that your hands are the best tools when it comes to skincare and that with the right technique you can solve any skincare issue and stay young-looking and beautiful through the years. She says that you'll never need to go the the beauty salon again once you have learned these techniques.

What I didn't like.
Let's get the negative points of the way right now:

  • Chizu Saeki says going to the beauty salon is unnecessary, yet she owns and runs one, which I find a bit ironic.
  • While in the introduction she explains that your hands will do all the job, she then proceeds to give you the list of skincare products that you'll need, and that isn't a short list. Makeup remover, lotion, serums, creams, scrubs... the whole collection. So if you planned on saving on products by using the miracle hands method, forget about it. Also, she does recommends products in each categories, that aren't cheap either, like my beloved Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum which is the most expensive thing I own in my whole beauty collection! Definitely, not a cheap approach.
  • I was hoping for a miracle solution for blackheads, however her advice is to not extract them and exfoliate twice a week. Duh.

What I did enjoy learning.

  • The lotion mask, which is at the heart of the book.  That's actually the reason I bought it, after a good friend of mine had told me about this technique. Basically, it consists of soaking cotton pads with water and lotion and applying on the face for 3 minutes. I'd say it's Chizu Saeki's solution to every skin problem, and I'm guessing you can adapt the lotion to your skin needs, and even use different ones on different areas if you wanted. I must say this is quite pleasant and it does nicely plum the skin!
  • To make the mask even more efficient, you can get an easy steam treatment by adding either plastic film or a shower cap on your face. Of course, you're allowed to cut out holes in them so you can breathe. I haven't tried this yet but my friend swears it works great.
  • Several massage techniques to use while applying your skincare, that are supposed to help with keeping your skin in perfect condition, help with wrinkles, texture and even sagging. 
How this is working for me.
If I am totally honest, I need to say that even moisturizing my legs on a daily basis is a commitment I find hard to make. Anything that requires time or waiting just bores me, I guess. But I do try and use the massage techniques when I cleanse my face or apply my moisturizer, at least at night.
The lotion mask feels very nice whenever my skin is feeling tight, sensitive or needs moisture, so that's definitely something I'm adopting. I even ordered cotton face-shaped masks from eBay (they're pretty cheap this way) so I could do them easily without having to use a ton of pads.

Overall a good book if you're a skincare addict and willing to invest some more time in your skincare routine with those techniques. But I wouldn't expect miracle solutions for difficult skincare conditions - unless some of you have experience to share on this matter.

November 28, 2010

Winter week-end FOTD's

Winter is really here! This morning we have -4°C/24°F outside, my car has turned into a giant popsickle, and that really makes me want to embrace the pale skin/ rosey cheeks look, the one you'd have when coming back from a walk in the cold.

This is what I did on Saturday, and the profile pics are supposed to make 2 of my new goodies more visible: Illamasqua cream blush in Promise (warm candy pink) and illuminator in Fondle (pink with a slight hint of peach).

Other products used include:
Diorskin Nude foundation (020)
MUFE Aquacream #16 as a wash on the lid
Mac Graphology and Signed&Sealed in the crease
Estee Lauder Double Wear mascara in black

By the way I dyed by hair last week with L'Oream Professionel Richesse in 5.32 and I'm liking this color a lot, as it's warm without being red.

Hope everyone is having a good week-end!

November 27, 2010

What's your makeup story?

Haven't done a tag in a little while and like this one a lot!   1. How old were you when you started wearing makeup?At about 13, I started wearing brown mascara and pink blush. I started wearing foundation the year after that, and lipstick and minimal eye makeup at 15-16.
2. How did you get into makeup?
I've always liked it, I remember that as a little kid, like 4-5 yeras old,  I used to love looking at my aunt's makeup storage when I was spending vacations at my grandparents. She would also put some pink Chanel blush on my cheeks sometimes when I insisted.
Then finding YouTube tutorials 3 years ago really changed mu approach to it to the point it became a passion.

3. What are some of your favorite brands? 
Mac and UD for eyeshadows, Nars for foundation and blush, Illamasqua and Bobbi Brown for almost everything. But in terms of brand image and values, I'm an Illamasqua girl all the way!

4. What does makeup mean to you? 
Art, self-expression, fun.

5. If you could only wear 4 products on your face what would they be? 
Nars Sheer Glow foundation, Bobbi Brown concealer, Illamasqua brow powder and YSL Faux-Cils mascara.

6. What is your favorite thing about makeup?
It allows you to create something new every day, the possibilities are endless and it's fool proof since it washes off.

7. What do you think about drugstore makeup vs high end makeup? 
I have a few drusgtore things that I like but I have to say that I prefer mid-end to high-end products in terms of quality, longevity and especially color selection. I feel like all drugstore brands we have here all offer the same 10 eyeshadow colors, so boring!

8. What is one tip of advice you can give to a beginner? 
Get 3 good brushes for your eye makeup: blending brush, pencil brush, flat eyeshadow brush - as they do a lot of difference in your application and will last a long time if you take good care of them. Also, do what you like and wear it proudly - the biggest rule in makeup being that there's no rule :-)

9. What is one makeup trend you never understood?
Concealer-like nude lips, I don't think they're flattering on anybody.

10. What do you think about the beauty community on YouTube?
I think it's great everybody has the ability to be published or broadcasted for the world to see at almost no cost and there are a lot of talented people on YouTube, from whom I have learned and still am learning a lot.There's also negativity but I try to not look at it nor get involved. I know I wouldn't deal with it very well which is why I've always refrained from doing YT vids myself. Plus, I like the writing aspect of blogging :)   I am tagging: Aina, Ansa, Charlotte from Lipglossiping, Lilfairydoll and Saila akaThe Adventurous Purple Koala.

November 26, 2010

In memory of Sophie

Click on the image to visit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation website, or visit Illamasqua for more information.
And always, always remember that nobody should ever be threatened or estranged because of their looks or culture.

November 25, 2010

Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals, anyone?

I don't live in the US, I don't celebrate Thanksgiving and Black Friday isn't relevant at all to me but thanks to the interweb I can now enjoy some of the promotions as well.

I haven't been paying a lot of attention to the ongoing offers, though, but my friend Jessica did, and she put it all in a great blogpost. So I thought I'd share the resource with you so you can enjoy the good deals.

Happy shopping!

Review: La Roche Posay Cicaplast

What this is, as described by the company:

Cicaplast accelerates the skin barrier recovery process with a formula containing:-A mineral complex of copper, zinc, and mangance to promote epidermal barrier recovery. -Madecassoside: to help restore the balance in the epidermis barrier and optimal skin recovery. -Its higher water resistant, antibacterial adhesion texture acts as a protecting barrier. Perfectly absorbed, non sticky and easy to apply. This hydrating and soothing fluid relieves tightness.

Why I have been using it:

Whith Winter weather striking (hello, snow!) and the constant temperature changes between the cold outside and the centrally heated inside, my face skin is acting up like it is every year around this time. As a result, my skin is getting dry, tight, more sensitive and red, and my cheeks are flakey. This is all very uncomfortable but also not very attractive, with or without makeup on top.

Once again, I got inspired by the lovely Lisa Eldridge, who recently used Cicaplast as a makeup primer in a tutorial.
I actually knew the product already, as I had used it to help a big scar healing after a mole got removed on my face, and it had worked greatly for that purpose. Since the product claims to relieve tightness and heal flaked dry skin, I thought I really needed to try it under my makeup.

The result:

My skin healed completely in 3 days. THREE days, people, with only one application in the morning! I have been fighting with these dry cheeks for years, spending whole Winters looking like a nail file, and now it's all solved in 3 days. How much happier could I be?

Also, this indeed proved to be a fantastic makeup base! It is non-sticky and easy to apply, it makes the skin really smooth and foundation application really flawless and lasts perfectly all day.

In short: this product does exactly what it claims and doubles as a primer (although I need to check if you could use it on a regular basis on non-damaged skin, since madecassoside is a medicinal ingredient). I haven't been that enthusiast about a skincare product in a long time!

EDIT: European gals should find this easily in pharmacies for a price under 10€ depending on the country. US gals can order from Amazon for $18.50 ofr 1.3oz.

November 22, 2010

The perfect contour color.

All fair ladies know that finding a face contour powder is almost an impossible mission. It needs to be matte, it needs to look natural which means not too dark and unfortunately we often end up looking dirty or orange. Not attractive.

I have to admit I have used bronzer more than often for contouring purposes but for Winter months, keeping on doing that is hopeless when you're an NC15.

I have one blush that isn't really meant to be used as a contour color, however I have used it a lot this way, and that is Nars Zen.

It's a very pale and quite cool color, that works extremely well for the very fair skintones - an NC/NW 10 could make this work without effort.
But I have found that on me, at the moment, it looks a bit too cool. Go figure... it could come from my current hair color that is too warm, or maybe I'm not as pale as I was last year. Or maybe I just needed an excuse to try something else.
So I orderd Illamasqua powder blush in Disobey.

Illamasqua describes this a soft biscuit color, perfect for contouring. Well, that is exactly what it is! Like all Illamasqua blushers, this one is completely matte, not chalky at all and very easy to blend. I apply with a Mac 138, and here's the result:

You don't really see it, right? Right. Well that's the way it should be, but I know it's there and it does the job.
Now if you're NC30 and darker, this is probably not going to work for you, Expose would be a better choice. But if you're fair-skinned, this is definitely a fantastic contour product.

November 21, 2010

FOTD: Aqua!

No, I don't mean aqua as in light-blueish green, I mean aqua as in water/liquid, opposed to powder.
Having the latest video by Lisa Eldridge on liquid blush made me want to dig up my water base foundation, cream blushes and cream eyeshadows.

So I am wearing:
Mac Face & Body in C1
Bobbi Brown concealer in warm ivory under the eyes
Clarins Instant Blush Magic Color
Makeup For Ever Aquacreams # 13 and 16
Estee Lauder Double Wear mascara

Luminous dewy look guaranteed, exactly what I wanted on this cold Winter day.

November 18, 2010

A sin confessed is half forgiven, aka update on Foundation Review #7

Over a year ago, I reviewed Diorskin Nude - Natural glow hydrating makeup foundation here.
And back then it was a huge disappointment.

Yet recently I've been wanting to try it again. I guess that having evolved in my taste and progressed in my application method, I kind of wanted to give this another chance because all the reviews I could read on this product were crazy positive (almost too good to be true, some would say).

So here I am and I have been wearing it for several days and I'm glad I did because I absolutely love it.
See for yourself:

Diorskin Nude, shade #20

So what changed:
  • Last year I found this didn't last very well on me, but I'm guessing it had to do either with my skin or the skincare I was using back then, because right now this is lasting perfectly all day, and I don't even powder it!
  • The product claims to be hydrating but it's really not, I do use moisturizer underneath, especially as I don't have the lasting issue anymore.
  • I thought it was too heavy on the skin, and now I really don't feel it at all. Have I gotten used to heavier formulations? I don't know. But I now find this isn't sticky, nor heavy, nor transferring when I touch my face so this is all really good.
  • I said it looked artificial, and I definitely think now that it look much less so than some other formulas I've used in the meantime. The thing is, lucky me, I have particularly good skin at the moment, so of course any foundation on top almost makes it look too even and smooth. But I'm not going to complain about that, am I? Nor can I really blame the product - after all I could wear tinted moisturizer if I wanted to look more natural.
What didn't change:
  • This is a light to medium coverage foundation, so you might still need a bit of concealer but I find that when it comes to hiding cheek redness, you can easily build up coverage and the problem is solved. I also find that, after all, using my fingers is the best method with this product.
  • It's not very glowy, the finish isn't matte but it's really not dewy, more of a satiny finish. If you want some glow you'll need to rely on highlighters. I guess people's perception on this can vary a lot because some of the reviews I recently read mentioned Nude was a very glowy, luminizing foundation. Not on me.
  • It's expensive - at 42€ this costs more than Chanel.
If I had to compare this to other foundations in my collection, I'd say it's somewhere in-between Mac Face & Body and Mac Pro Longwear. It has the same watery feeling upon application as those two have, but it gives more coverage than F&B and gives a finish somewhat similar to Pro Longwear.
It is definitely lighter on the skin than Nars Sheer Glow while giving a pretty similar coverage; Diorskin Nude is lacking the "Glow" finish in comparison, though, but it lasts maybe a tad bit longer.

All this being said, my opinion on this foundation has thus done a 180° turn from "not worth the money" to "one of the most beautiful foundations in my collection". 
What can I say, only fools never change their mind!

November 16, 2010

Perfume review: Narciso Rodriguez For Her eau de toilette

I am slightly turning into a perfume addict. Or at least I'm trying to, because I'm still very picky and find it really hard to find scents that I like.
A few weeks ago, I was at my local department store, and as I was paying for makeup bits I grabbed a tester bottle of this and found it smelled like lily, which is nice but not my type.
"I think this perfume would suit you perfectly" said the sales associate. (Based on what? Who knows?)
"I don't like florals that much" I said, to which she replied "oh but the drydown is much more woody". And so I left with a sample of Narciso Rodriguez for Her.

For Her is a floral woody musk. The fragrance is constructed around Egyptian musk to which were added rose and sandalwood. In the base notes, vanilla unites with amber and vetiver.
It is meant to be very modern and extremely feminine.

Now when I first sprayed this on, I was like "wow - too much". Too much presence, too much sensuality, at least for daytime. I happened to think it would be a perfect "3rd date" fragrance, if you know what I mean.

But then things didn't happen as expected. Floral notes? None - I could smell what evoked Lily for about 10 seconds before the musk invaded the space.
And then? No evolution. Hours after having applied, all I could smell was a lot of musk with a tad bit of rose. I didn't get the woody notes at all. Just a very very sweet oriental musky smell. Very clean, though, but way too sweet in my opinion.
Also, this didn't fade at all, this fragrance does last extremely well. Maybe at the end of the day it was a tiny bit cooler but still very powdery, musky and, hum, sweet.

In conclusion? I got sick of all that sweetness and felt a headache coming.  I gladly went to take a shower at the end of my day, and scrubbed it away. And you know what? I could still smell it on my arm after that!
Another perfume fail for me.
However, if the description sounds like something right your alley, go ahead and try For Her, as it's a classic already and I'm sure it's a great evening fragrance on anybody less sensitive than me to strong fragrances.

November 14, 2010

The smallest Tartan Tale haul of the whole beauty blogosphere

... is mine and consists of one item: Full Fushia lipstick (amplified creme).

Mac Full Fushia - Image from Temptalia

Yes, I was very reasonable and passed on the whole collection, but if you have been reading my blog for a while, you know I can't resist bright pink lipsticks, so I had to get this one. Yes, it's a pro product, but I don't have access to these, so for me getting it now was a no-brainer.

Full Fushia is a bright blue-based pink, that is actually more pink and brighter than my beloved Girl About Town. I find it works better for dark grey Winter days but maybe I'm just making excuses here :-)
I love the Amplified Creme formula, which unlikes the Cremesheen doesn't make my lips too dry and is very easy to apply, especially as I hardly ever use a lipliner.

I wear Full Fushia in this FOTD with winged liner, a classic that I love, as you know.

Other products used:
Nars Sheer Glow in Gobi
Bobbi Brown creamy concealer in Warm Ivory
Mac Tippy Beauty Powder Blyush (L/E - Hello Kitty collection)
Mac Shroom e/s
Mac Mystery e/s
Bobby Brown Sepia Ink liner gel
YSL Faux-Cils mascara

I think I'm going to wear this again tomorrow for work :)

What did you get from Tartan Tale?

November 12, 2010

Foundation review #23: Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation

I know some of my friends are going to laugh a lot when reading I got this foundation, because we all know that I own a million foundations already and that corrective makeup is the last think I need, lucky me.
But I really wanted to try it after Lisa Eldridge used it in a video - and I know I'm not the only one as this product instantly turned into a collective lemming on makeup forums after said video. Plus I have easy access to it since it's sold in every pharmacy around here and reasonably priced at about 18€.
NB: In the US this is sold as Dermablend (not Vichy) but this is the same product.

So let's move to the review, and for once I took a pic of me wearing this foundation alone (well, with 1.247 layers of Nars Sex Appeal blush on the cheeks, too, but that's it)

I got the foundation in #15 Opal, which is the lightest shade and a perfect NC15 (the lighter neck is an effect of lighting, I swear it matches perfecly in reality). This has a slightly thick, creamy consistency and no particular scent.
Now this is high coverage stuff, we're talking tatoo hiding coverage here, so it can be a bit tricky to work with and definitely easy to over-apply, particularly if you use your hands. I was hesitant about using a damp sponge, which would definitely work but take a lot of time, so I used a Mac 190 foundation brush damped with some thermal water (Fix + or any other substitute would be fine).

The product is of course heavily pigmented but it's not too hard to spread on the skin if you have used a primer or very good moisturizer first (I used Embryolisse Lait-Crème concentré and let it sink for 5 minutes before applying foundation). It does blend well, it can be sheered out depending on your application technique, and it can definitely be built up on areas where you need it. It can totally conceal most of your dark circles and cover any blemish, scar or redness. My cheeks are always quite red and it's definitely hidden, as you can see on the picture.

The finish is semi-matte so I definitely wouldn't use too much powder on top of it - actually I didn't use any. With this kind of application, it doesn't look heavy on the skin and it doesn't feel thick or sticky when you touch your face.

EDIT: as requested in the comments - I forgot to mention the staying power. It's normal, not too bad but not exceptional, and I found my face got slightly shiny/oily after 6-8 hours.

Now the downsides of it; first of all it does look like you're wearing foundation. There's not a tad bit of skin showing through that product and your skin will definitely look too perfect and too even to be natural, so yes you will look like you're wearing quite a bit of makeup on your face.
Secondly, since the formula is a bit thick, this will enhance dry areas so prepping your skin is essential - this is a step I usually skip because I have generally good skin but this product won't forgive you if you don't prime your face.

My recommendation: definitely get this product if you're self conscious about your skin and need/want heavy coverage. If you want to hide any kind of scarring, acne, birth marks etc, this is the perfect product and it's reasonably priced and endorsed by a lot of professional makeup artists. However, you will have to learn how to work with it if you don't want to end up looking like a cakey mess, this isn't a slap-it-on-and-run-through-the-door makeup product.
This can also be used to hide the little flaws we all get from time to time: if you get the odd zit or breakout in some areas, this is something you can use to conceal. I found this blends well enough into the skin that you can use it on one area only and leave the rest of your face alone. 

In my opinion, definitely not a must have for everyone, but the perfect product for particular situations if you're willing to learn how to make it work and to spend a bit of time applying.

November 8, 2010

Les Tentations Cuivrées de Chanel - Holiday 2010: a haul and a look

I'm not really into Chanel. I find they have lovely glosses, their lipsticks look gorgeous but I hate the smell. And their eyeshadows used to be infamous for their lack of pigmentation.
However they seem to have improved a few things lately, among which said pigmentation. Which is why, after having indulged into getting the Enigma quad, I let myself fall in love with the Holiday collection called les Tentations Cuivrées (coppery temptations). What can I say, anything with the word "copper" in it is just appealing to me.
And look at how gorgeous the products are:

I bought both the quad, which is really lovely with its coppery bronzy brown shades, and the Ombre d'Eau liquid eyeshadow in Splash, which is a beautiful metallic taupe with a hint of grey.

The collection also offers some bright pink gorgeousness:

But I was reasonable and decided not to get anything - pink blushes don't look good enough for me to wear them often, so I can't justify buying this pretty Fushia Tweed blush. And I do have very similar lipsticks.

So all in all, I have everythng I need to recreate the beautiful editorial look:

chanel holiday 2010

And so I did! Toning down the smokey eye a bit, since it's not really Christmas Eve right now.



Please excuse the lack of lipstick, I obviously needed a touch up.

For reference, I used the brown shade on the lid, the white one under the brows, and the darkest shade as a liner. (But Chanel, why on earth do you put a pink in most palettes?)

Foundation is Nars Sheer Glow in Gobi.
I used Mac Tippy (LE/ from the Hello Kitty collection) on the cheeks, with a swipe of the BodyShop Berry higlighter from this season on top.
Invisible lipstick is Shiseido PK419 (what a romantic name, isn't it?).

I really love this look, I find the eyeshadow really makes my eyes even bluer - I actually liked the result so much I did the exact same look the next day, which never happens! Yay for you, Chanel.

Promo images are all property of Chanel.

November 5, 2010

In's and Out's


  • Red lips! November-December is the best time of the year to wear them for daytime.
Wearing Beauté Masochist!
  • Nars Sheer Glow: from all the foundations I own and wear, this remains my favorite. I'm currently mixing 2 shades (Santa Fe and Gobi) and I love the result.
  • AHA-BHA skincare products: I thought my Winter skin wouldn't deal with these very well because they're drying but I found my skin actually looks much better when I do use them about every 3 days, even when I have dry patches.
  • Fridays, and weeks shortened by bank holidays - I have worked 3 days this week and will work 3 days next week.
  • My "sweets detox" diet: I am the biggest sweets/cakes/cookies eater you could meet, but lately I've been feeling bad about it. I've been eating those out of habit more than envy or pleasure or even hunger. So I have decided to do a 15-days detox (today is day 5) and am currently eating no sweets nor sugar. I had to increase my protein intake to make sure I wouldn't get hungry too much between meals, and when I need to snack I do it of fruit rather than on sugary treats. So far so good!
  • Pink eyeshadow: I'm giving up on these. They look fugly, they make almost everyone look sick, and I don't think any 33 year old should would benefit looking like Barbie anyway. So I said goodbye to the few pink shadows I own, that color will now be lips and cheeks only for me!
  • The weather, my friends, the weather! Having to take along an umbrella all the time (or hello frizzy hair), and having to wear a ton of layers to keep warm.
  • Daylight saving time: another absurd Winter things. Yes, we do enjoy a tiny bit more light in the morning, but that will last 2 weeks anyway, and I now leave the office at what seems to be nigth time!

What are your in's and out's at the moment?

November 3, 2010

A Mac Pro Longwear update

Ladies (and gents?) I'm not going to lie, I have been neglecting my Pro Longwear foundation because I was finding it a bit hard to apply and a bit too sheer.

Well, it turns out I needed to do some more research on how to use it properly. First of all, Kelleyrie, who looks absolutely gorgeous wearing this foundation (or any foundation, as a matter of fact, but anyways) and loves it, told me she applies it with a damp sponge. Talk about something I never do!

Then I came across this in-depth review by Dustyohunter on YouTube:

Another damp sponge user!
Plus, I learned that Pro Longwear is the only waterproof and non-transferable foundation that Mac makes, while I believed Face&Body had these qualities as well. (I'll remember that when I need to tan up my legs and wear a white skirt next Summer!)

So I decided to give the damp sponge method a try, and here's the result:

Yes, it worked!
I could easily layer more product where I had redness showing and hardly needed any concealer other than under the eyes. Some more product and a patting motion, and that was done.
Since Pro Longwear's finish is quite matte, I did use some Strobe Cream on the cheeks so I would still get a slight glow showing through.

I still find it didn't last perfecly around my nose, especially after a walk under the rain and having to blow my nose a couple of times, but I think I could apply some more product there to see if it lasts better. For the rest, following said walk, I can confirm Pro Longwear is totally rain- and windproof!

Oh and in case you're wondering, I'm wearing Mac Oh So Fair beauty powder on the cheeks and Mac Violetta on the lips, both from the VV collection.

November 1, 2010

October favorites

Why is time flying so fast? Now I really can't deny we're deep into Fall and heading towards Winter - my October favorites are so different from the previous month's ones!

Nars Sheer Glow: again and again, my favorite foundation. Now that I can't get along with Tinted Moisturizer alone, we have been reunited and it's still love.

Vampy lips: between Mac Dubonnet, YSL Rouge Volupte #12 Dirty Burgundy, Mac M.A.C Red and my brand new Mac Violetta, I've been rocking the deep shades all month!

Mac Mystery eyeshadow: where was this eyeshadow all my life? Since I've been wearing a lot of bright lips, I have also toned down the eyes. My go-to eye look has been: a wash of some light shade, Mystery in the crease and gel liner. This is the perfect crease color for me if I only want to give depth to the eye without particularly showing the color I used. This dark brown with cool greyish undertones works great, and looks better on me than Copperplate that is too cool.

Mac BlackTrack gel liner applied with a flat square liner brush.
The brush I use is by T.Leclerc but there are tons of others on the market. Its particularity is to have stiff synthetic bristles and a square shape. I use this with gel liner to push the color between the lashes. It's practically fool proof, super quick, and gives a very thin line that really makes your lashes look fuller. That's also the only way I can wear black liner without it looking too harsh, otherwise I have to work with navy or brown.
Estee Lauder DayWear Plus has returned to my daily routine after having been replaced by lighter formulations during warmer months. Still efficient, still a favorite.

What were your favorites this month?