November 12, 2010

Foundation review #23: Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation

I know some of my friends are going to laugh a lot when reading I got this foundation, because we all know that I own a million foundations already and that corrective makeup is the last think I need, lucky me.
But I really wanted to try it after Lisa Eldridge used it in a video - and I know I'm not the only one as this product instantly turned into a collective lemming on makeup forums after said video. Plus I have easy access to it since it's sold in every pharmacy around here and reasonably priced at about 18€.
NB: In the US this is sold as Dermablend (not Vichy) but this is the same product.

So let's move to the review, and for once I took a pic of me wearing this foundation alone (well, with 1.247 layers of Nars Sex Appeal blush on the cheeks, too, but that's it)

I got the foundation in #15 Opal, which is the lightest shade and a perfect NC15 (the lighter neck is an effect of lighting, I swear it matches perfecly in reality). This has a slightly thick, creamy consistency and no particular scent.
Now this is high coverage stuff, we're talking tatoo hiding coverage here, so it can be a bit tricky to work with and definitely easy to over-apply, particularly if you use your hands. I was hesitant about using a damp sponge, which would definitely work but take a lot of time, so I used a Mac 190 foundation brush damped with some thermal water (Fix + or any other substitute would be fine).

The product is of course heavily pigmented but it's not too hard to spread on the skin if you have used a primer or very good moisturizer first (I used Embryolisse Lait-Crème concentré and let it sink for 5 minutes before applying foundation). It does blend well, it can be sheered out depending on your application technique, and it can definitely be built up on areas where you need it. It can totally conceal most of your dark circles and cover any blemish, scar or redness. My cheeks are always quite red and it's definitely hidden, as you can see on the picture.

The finish is semi-matte so I definitely wouldn't use too much powder on top of it - actually I didn't use any. With this kind of application, it doesn't look heavy on the skin and it doesn't feel thick or sticky when you touch your face.

EDIT: as requested in the comments - I forgot to mention the staying power. It's normal, not too bad but not exceptional, and I found my face got slightly shiny/oily after 6-8 hours.

Now the downsides of it; first of all it does look like you're wearing foundation. There's not a tad bit of skin showing through that product and your skin will definitely look too perfect and too even to be natural, so yes you will look like you're wearing quite a bit of makeup on your face.
Secondly, since the formula is a bit thick, this will enhance dry areas so prepping your skin is essential - this is a step I usually skip because I have generally good skin but this product won't forgive you if you don't prime your face.

My recommendation: definitely get this product if you're self conscious about your skin and need/want heavy coverage. If you want to hide any kind of scarring, acne, birth marks etc, this is the perfect product and it's reasonably priced and endorsed by a lot of professional makeup artists. However, you will have to learn how to work with it if you don't want to end up looking like a cakey mess, this isn't a slap-it-on-and-run-through-the-door makeup product.
This can also be used to hide the little flaws we all get from time to time: if you get the odd zit or breakout in some areas, this is something you can use to conceal. I found this blends well enough into the skin that you can use it on one area only and leave the rest of your face alone. 

In my opinion, definitely not a must have for everyone, but the perfect product for particular situations if you're willing to learn how to make it work and to spend a bit of time applying.


  1. Great review - I picked some of this up myself recently, and I think its great, but agree its a bit much if your skin is not too bad - I thing it works great as a concealer and also if you skin is looking a bit ropey, as mine is at the moment...

  2. Why am I not really surprised that you ended up getting it??? I do agree on its concealing power, really amazing. And like you said it can be used sparingly on bearkout prone area without leading to odd lines. For me a staple in my overgrown make up collection ^^

  3. I watched Lisas video too and really want to try this. She uses is more as a concealer for areas that need extra coverage....I think it might work perfect for that! xxx

  4. I watched Lisa's video too. So tempting but I'm on a total "no foundation" mood right now. I've only been using a bit of mineral powder and out of the door. Your skin is so gorgeous anyways. You NARS sex appeal looks gorgeous on you. I can't get it to show much on my skin. :)

  5. Dermablend Cover Creme looks much more natural on skin than this one, and the coverage is very high although it can be sheered and it is in fact much more flexible than this liquid version. Finish is better too.

  6. I am incredibly intrigued by this product after seeing Lisa Eldrige featuring it in at least two of her videos, but now that you're saying it's "not natural" I'm having second thoughts because I'm all about natural makeup, never want to look like I have makeup on... Hmm

  7. @Cjx3pooh: well it's corrective makeup and you could hide a tattoo with it, so natural looking isn't its first quality unless you put a lot of effort in it like blending with damp sponge etc... but that kind of defeats the purpose.

  8. I have just bought this after using in store a few times to really test it - and for free. And boy am I glad I did. If you have either of the following, buy it!:

    Acne scarring of any degree
    Redness and broken capillaries
    Or just bad skin for whatever reason
    Oohhh - dark under eye circles - essential

    I am so glad and have never spent so much, oh no - save my MAC - on foundations, but this tops even the studio fix for me. It is malleable and perfectly blendable if youre not using too much. And it really covers. With a small amount too. I think will be my concealer day to day, and foundation when I actually need to really give it some, and when I'm expecting a camera around and need not be looking so ropey!

    Worth the money, use little, and test colours in daylight. Get an honest opinion, and buy! Hello lovely flawless skin!


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