November 5, 2010

In's and Out's


  • Red lips! November-December is the best time of the year to wear them for daytime.
Wearing Beauté Masochist!
  • Nars Sheer Glow: from all the foundations I own and wear, this remains my favorite. I'm currently mixing 2 shades (Santa Fe and Gobi) and I love the result.
  • AHA-BHA skincare products: I thought my Winter skin wouldn't deal with these very well because they're drying but I found my skin actually looks much better when I do use them about every 3 days, even when I have dry patches.
  • Fridays, and weeks shortened by bank holidays - I have worked 3 days this week and will work 3 days next week.
  • My "sweets detox" diet: I am the biggest sweets/cakes/cookies eater you could meet, but lately I've been feeling bad about it. I've been eating those out of habit more than envy or pleasure or even hunger. So I have decided to do a 15-days detox (today is day 5) and am currently eating no sweets nor sugar. I had to increase my protein intake to make sure I wouldn't get hungry too much between meals, and when I need to snack I do it of fruit rather than on sugary treats. So far so good!
  • Pink eyeshadow: I'm giving up on these. They look fugly, they make almost everyone look sick, and I don't think any 33 year old should would benefit looking like Barbie anyway. So I said goodbye to the few pink shadows I own, that color will now be lips and cheeks only for me!
  • The weather, my friends, the weather! Having to take along an umbrella all the time (or hello frizzy hair), and having to wear a ton of layers to keep warm.
  • Daylight saving time: another absurd Winter things. Yes, we do enjoy a tiny bit more light in the morning, but that will last 2 weeks anyway, and I now leave the office at what seems to be nigth time!

What are your in's and out's at the moment?


  1. ARG! So agree with you on the Daylight savings time! I hate that it gets dark so early!
    Good Luck with the sweets CAN do it! :)


  2. I have to try out red lips to, you're right !

  3. OMG! You look beatiful with red lips. I love red lips too. Clasic. xx

  4. I love bright lipstick on you but you already know that , right ;-)))

    I rarely play with my pink e/s (though I have plenty of them) but Francine did an amazing tutorial :

    It's more wearable than you'd think !

    The weather is horrendous in Montreal : rainy, cold ....brrrrrrrrrrr

    Caro xxx


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