November 3, 2010

A Mac Pro Longwear update

Ladies (and gents?) I'm not going to lie, I have been neglecting my Pro Longwear foundation because I was finding it a bit hard to apply and a bit too sheer.

Well, it turns out I needed to do some more research on how to use it properly. First of all, Kelleyrie, who looks absolutely gorgeous wearing this foundation (or any foundation, as a matter of fact, but anyways) and loves it, told me she applies it with a damp sponge. Talk about something I never do!

Then I came across this in-depth review by Dustyohunter on YouTube:

Another damp sponge user!
Plus, I learned that Pro Longwear is the only waterproof and non-transferable foundation that Mac makes, while I believed Face&Body had these qualities as well. (I'll remember that when I need to tan up my legs and wear a white skirt next Summer!)

So I decided to give the damp sponge method a try, and here's the result:

Yes, it worked!
I could easily layer more product where I had redness showing and hardly needed any concealer other than under the eyes. Some more product and a patting motion, and that was done.
Since Pro Longwear's finish is quite matte, I did use some Strobe Cream on the cheeks so I would still get a slight glow showing through.

I still find it didn't last perfecly around my nose, especially after a walk under the rain and having to blow my nose a couple of times, but I think I could apply some more product there to see if it lasts better. For the rest, following said walk, I can confirm Pro Longwear is totally rain- and windproof!

Oh and in case you're wondering, I'm wearing Mac Oh So Fair beauty powder on the cheeks and Mac Violetta on the lips, both from the VV collection.


  1. Hey gorgeous! I wear it too in my today's post and find it really great indedd ^^. Great coverage (I applied it with fingers for once), no tranfer and very long lasting on me. Different experiment from us so to say.
    The color match is a lil different as I seem to be a NW20 in this particular one but I may jump in for a full size bottle. The famous "Bear from Abbesses" :))) just gave me a sample vial to try it out ;p

  2. thank you for posting this review! i tend to get oily skin throughout the day, so i definately need to give this foundation a try!!!


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