November 16, 2010

Perfume review: Narciso Rodriguez For Her eau de toilette

I am slightly turning into a perfume addict. Or at least I'm trying to, because I'm still very picky and find it really hard to find scents that I like.
A few weeks ago, I was at my local department store, and as I was paying for makeup bits I grabbed a tester bottle of this and found it smelled like lily, which is nice but not my type.
"I think this perfume would suit you perfectly" said the sales associate. (Based on what? Who knows?)
"I don't like florals that much" I said, to which she replied "oh but the drydown is much more woody". And so I left with a sample of Narciso Rodriguez for Her.

For Her is a floral woody musk. The fragrance is constructed around Egyptian musk to which were added rose and sandalwood. In the base notes, vanilla unites with amber and vetiver.
It is meant to be very modern and extremely feminine.

Now when I first sprayed this on, I was like "wow - too much". Too much presence, too much sensuality, at least for daytime. I happened to think it would be a perfect "3rd date" fragrance, if you know what I mean.

But then things didn't happen as expected. Floral notes? None - I could smell what evoked Lily for about 10 seconds before the musk invaded the space.
And then? No evolution. Hours after having applied, all I could smell was a lot of musk with a tad bit of rose. I didn't get the woody notes at all. Just a very very sweet oriental musky smell. Very clean, though, but way too sweet in my opinion.
Also, this didn't fade at all, this fragrance does last extremely well. Maybe at the end of the day it was a tiny bit cooler but still very powdery, musky and, hum, sweet.

In conclusion? I got sick of all that sweetness and felt a headache coming.  I gladly went to take a shower at the end of my day, and scrubbed it away. And you know what? I could still smell it on my arm after that!
Another perfume fail for me.
However, if the description sounds like something right your alley, go ahead and try For Her, as it's a classic already and I'm sure it's a great evening fragrance on anybody less sensitive than me to strong fragrances.


  1. Completely unrelated to Narciso Rodriguez, but I am turning into a perfume addict too! I think this is an easy route for us makeup junkies - my perfume addiction started from reading perfume reviews on makeup blogs, then following perfume blogs, and all of a sudden I buy perfume samples online and have 4 perfumes on my wishlist!

  2. @Olga: I think indeed that for us makeup addicts, it's easy to branch out to skincare and perfume once we start feeling we've seen it all in the makeup field :)

  3. I tried this recently, and didn't like it at all - I had the exact same experience. Too sweet!

    My favorite at the moment is a Marc Jacobs perfume. It might have been the first one he came out with, 'cause I can't seem to find another name on it than "woman" :)

  4. That's so funny as this was one of my favourites tho I have not worn it in a long time. I have to say that when it comes to perfume I am hardcore Chanel (all the way - Allure and Allure Sensuelle)...tho I simply cannot bring myself to wear Chanel No. 5...I want to love it (Nicole Kidman made me want to love it) but whenever I smell it I still think "old lady" dressed to the nines...perhaps in a fur stole!

  5. My friend uses this and I find it very cloying and an 'older' lady type of fragrance...

  6. @Mette Sofie: I'm still to try any Marc Jacobs fragrance as they're not widely available here, next time I come across them I'll check this one out!

    @Sarah: ditto on the No 5, my mom used to wear it at some point and even for her I thought it smelled too "old".

    @Kat O: well I see I'm definitely not the one that can't wear this then!

  7. This is my friend's signature scent and whilst I think it's nice, I couldn't bear to wear this. I know I'd get a headache after a few hours.

  8. I absolutely love Narciso Rodriguez for Her (eau de toilette)!
    It doesn't give me headache (although I have suffered from headache all my life and I'm very picky with perfumes and odors in general). I ALWAYS get asked what I'm wearing. Men in particular like it and find it sexy and intruiguing.
    Long lasting, you don't need a lot. Modern scent, I totally disagree with "older lady type of fragrance", unless you think a 40year old woman is old. Not for teenagers.
    I recommend it to anyone who wants sth different from the usual and can wear it with nonchanlance.

    1. I don't think I said it was "older lady type"? And being 35 I don't think I implied either that 40 was old LOL.
      But hey to each their own thing.


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